Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A happy new year to all of you!

First a short look back again. I still receive some requests about the release of tracks or albums of my back-catalogue. Because of a very “uncomfortable” publishing situation, as result of wrong decisions I made many years ago and - more important - because of my future plans, I am not willing to invest time and energy to change this at the moment! I am sorry to disappoint you.

Generally my music is not “GEMA-free”. That means that everybody, who wants to obtain the right to publish my music, has to pay royalties to the GEMA or to his local collecting society (BIEM or BUMA/STEMRA for example). I cannot give you music for free. So please do not ask for.

But looking forward now I can tell you that my new studio is nearly finished and I will definitely start composing and recording new tracks. Ideas are there enough and I am very optimistic to announce a new album within this year. Talks about this are ongoing.

So please follow this blog. I will be back here with good news soon (maybe we will meet us at Frankfurt Music Fair in march 2008?).

So long
Bernd Kistenmacher