Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello together,

it is time now to announce the next confirmed dates for concerts this and next year.

So here they are:

1) 04th of october 2014  Electronic-Circus , City of Gütersloh , Germany

2) 01st of november 2014  Zeiss-Planetarium , City of Jena , Germany

3) 08th of november 2014 Planetarium am Insulaner , Berlin , Germany

4) 21st of november 2014 UfaFabrik , Berlin , Germany

5) 20th of february 2014 UfaFabrik , Berlin , Germany

Details will follow, but I can tell you at this moment, that I will be accompanied at most of the concerts by Burghard Rausch on drums and by famous Christine Rauh on Cello. For the concerts at UfaFabrik, we will have a special appearance by the known Samba group Terra Brasislis.

Also a new CD-release is in preparation.

Stay tuned.