Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Celestial Movements

Dear friends,

the year 2008 is almost over. Many important things have happened. I met not only many people from past days again, but also great new people with a lot of energy and ideas. Overall, it seems to me, as if “happens” something again. "Old hands" joined on stage again as well as interesting newcomers which went into the spotlight and caught attention with their beautiful music.
Even in the field of "organizers" interesting things have happened. With the "Electronic Circus" a series of new events seems to be established. This gives me hope for the future for electronic music. I think more than ever before that the scene is vital and alive. And this is not just in Germany. Electronic music has become a global theme. Because of the Internet now this perception is possible all around the world. Regarding this development I think more than ever before that the traditional media of radio and television have been pretty sleepy.

In this blog I gave you the opportunity to look back into my musical life and to tell you a few stories behind the stories. Of course from time to time I will be pleased to do this in the future too.
Nevertheless, it is now time to look ahead and take some decisive steps forward. Which date to report, would be better than this one?

Now, with publication of these lines it is official that I am currently producing a new album, which I will entitle "Celestial Movements". The production stands in conjunction to the upcoming "International Astronomical Year 2009". So more info soon here. A publication is planned for March 2009.

March 2009 is chosen with consideration because on that date an event will be reborn that seemed to be ended for ever. I mean the “Schwingungen-Preisverleihung”. "Schwingungen" had been THE forum for "electronic music" on German radio. Moderator was the famous Winfrid Trenkler. Listeners had the possibility to elect their favorite artists, tracks or newcomer of the year.

Now Winfrid Trenkler himself will be the centre point of this event, because he will be honoured for his work during a ceremony which is now called "Schallwelle-Preis" on march 21st, 2009. This event will be presented by host, co-organizer and musician "Stefan Erbe" (beside “Schallwende e.V.”). Stefan has invited me as laudator and it is really a challenge to me to hold a laudatory speech.
The whole event will be a meeting of the "Who is Who" of electronic music, but it is also open for public audience. So this event is something special for the fans. Venue is the city of

Speaking about events, please have also a look on
the september 12th, 2009. On this day "Electronic Circus II" will be held in Bielefeld again at the "Movie". Organizers are again Frank Gerber and Hans-Hermann Hess (plus their nice team).

You see, the things are in motion. Here again the dates:

1) Spring 2009: release of "Celestial Movements"

2) 21.03.2009: Laudatory at "Schallwelle-Preis"

3) 12.09.2009 "Electronic Circus II" (Movie;

I am sure that not even the recent events and news will be the only ones for 2009. For all who don’t want to wait until 2009: you can click to the homepage of "Cosmiccagibi”. My friends from
France did an interview with me where I talk about some general things as well as about my recent activities.

At this point I would like to thank all of you who accompanied me with their interest, their comments and their assistance in the past months and years. My special thanks to the "Cosmic Bermuda Triangle" Olivier, Christian et Michel!
I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See you next year (here or there ...).

In love

Bernd Kistenmacher