Monday, September 12, 2016

Concert update: Bernd Kistenmacher plays with Lichtmond!

In addition to the earlier announced concert of Bernd Kistenmacher at the LWL-Planetarium in Muenster (Germany) on 21st of january, 2017, Bernd Kistenmacher has now invited the best known german multimedia collaboration "Lichtmond".
"Lichtmond" is a duo of two brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele and many more artists, which are specialised in highclass electronic music and 3D-computer animations. The BD-releases has become gold and platinum status in the european market within the past years.
As well as Bernd Kistenmacher has done, als "Lichtmond comes up with a new release very soon.

The audience can expect an outstanding evening with fulldome animations and surround sound.

Please find more informations about the artists and the unique show here:


LWL-Museum für Naturkunde
Westfälisches Landesmuseum mit Planetarium
Sentruper Str. 285 | 48161 Münster (Westf.)

Telefon 0251.591-6050
(Mo-Fr 8.30-12.30 Uhr | Mo-Do 14.00-15.30 Uhr)

Price: 26,00 Euro ; Ermässigt: 23,00 Euro