Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking back ...and forward!

My dear friends,

this was 2009. Well, it wasn't an easy but almost an exciting year.

So I was allowed to participate in a lot of "premieres". For example my first laudatory during the launch of "Schallwelle - Preis für elektronische Musik in Deutschland" or my return on stage after 9 years of abstinence in Paris by invitation of my friends of "Cosmiccagibi". I also became a "Featured Artist" by Roland - Germany. A fact which makes me very proud.
And yes, I became a member of the "MellowJet Records family", which released my album "Celestial Movements" in past november. All these things make me happy, proud, optimistic and hungry for new activities in 2010.

So I am really happy to announce my next concert on 12th of june at the "Zeiss Planetarium Bochum". This will be the first concert after the complete renovation of the planetarium that will be equipped with new sound, lighting and new seats. It takes place on the initiative and invitation of Sylvia Sommerfeld from "Schallwende e.V." and Bernd Scholl from "MellowJet Records". Official ticket sales will start in april, but pre-orders and reservations can be done before by eMail at .

Of course a second concert is in preparation as well as a lot of activities by Roland, where I will be involved in too. Informations about all this can be read here soon.

I was also asked by "MellowJet" to produce a new album for autumn 2010 too. Because I was told that my fans will not "wait" another 8 years for it, I must hurry up and return to my synths now.

But before I do this, I will say thank you to all my friends in France, Germany or anywhere else and to my family too, who ever believed in me. Your energy gives me the power to go forward - with no doubts.

I see you - here or there but in any case soon and I wish you a really happy and healthful new year!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Schallwelle Preis - New election!

Right before christmas the new online-voting for the "Schallwelle -Preis 2009" has been opened now.
Everybody can feel free to give his vote for the "Best CD 2009" and for the "Best artist/act 2009".
The listeners choice can be done via this link "Schallwelle-Preis 2009" between 20th of december 2009 and 20th of january 2010. So this is enough time for your careful choice.

The new ceremony will be held again at "Ledigenheim Dinslaken". Tickets for this evening can be ordered at the following E-Mail address from "Schallwende Verein". You can also find more additional infos on the website of "Schallwende Verein", which is of course the main organizer of this event.
One thing is clear at the moment: the "Special Price 2009" will be given to "Ashra" and presented by last years winner "Winfrid Trenkler".
So this event will be again a meeting of good old friends and collegues.

Please do not hesitate now and make your election.
Thank you for your attention.