Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let It Out! - New review

"Synth & Sequences" - website from Sylvain Lupari, has published a brandnew review about "Let It Out!". You can read it here:

"Let it Out! Let yourself go and let off steam out! This is what one might conclude at the listening of this awesome music piece that Bernd Kistenmacher wrote for the famous EM festival; Ricochet Gathering 2010 promoted by Ricochet Dream Records’ own Vic Rek. For the German synthesist it was an opportunity to take stock of and build the bridge between his Berlin School influences and his current EM tangent which is more symphonic. And it's true that Bernd Kistenmacher has totally give vent to his feelings... if not went entirely running riot! He did Let it Out!
The whole thing starts with a movable synth line coming out of cosmos and stars to glide lovingly among waves that come and go in a soft and delicious musical maelstrom. Waves of synth that are intertwining and amassing over a multitude of synthesized waves, of which some stand out and throw short melodic fragments whereas huge symphonic drum rolls suddenly appear. They are the signal to launch a swarm of symphonic stratums where synth layers sharpen their metaphoric bows to draw curt and quick stationary orchestral élans. And there go violin mellotrons which are dandling with fury on rolls of symphonic percussions whereas lines of synth all so symphonic fly over this soft ferocity coming of the hits of quixotic bows on a structure becoming more and more dense and heavy. We are at the 7th minute point and the atmosphere is explosive with this furious orchestration which continues to tumble down under warm mellotron strings and Greco-Roman choirs which add a depth already filled at high volume. Toward the 9th minute the rhythm is crashing on the orchestral cliff, freeing piano notes which hesitate to make themselves heard and which are quick snapped by a hatched sequential movement. It’s a jerky movement which crashes into as scissors of a psychotic barber whereas that the piano finally develops its harmony under a sparkling dam of sequences and waving synth lines. The rhythm drumming, Kistenmacher dresses Let it Out! of all his musical assets. This time it’s acoustic guitars notes’ turn to join in to make a sweet melody with the piano’s, under a sky streaked by shrill lines of synth. And the whole thing is reforming abruptly in a heavy and dense orchestration where a Berlin School is flooding of marvellous dense and intense orchestral stratums whereas the symphonic approach is moulding to superb exhilarating sequences. A sequence is isolating towards the eighteen minute. It divides up the rhythm to pound alone a movement which zigzags beneath sinuous reverberations. Let it Out! undertakes then a pure Berlin School turn with a powerful hypnotic sequence which hammers a ghostly tempo flied over by streaks and discreet solos of synth while, demonic, keyboard keys ramble and knock with fury to scattered in a totally wild rhythm.
Let it Out! continues his furious rhythmic élan on a sequence which by moments is splitting to finally move at high speed such a nervous and frenzied TGV on a very nice bass line which waves in length undulations. The more this long music piece of Kistenmacher evolves and the more he impresses by his wealth in the choice of virtual instruments and by the addition of all his musical layers that weighs down Let it Out! of a fascinating musicality a bit mad and crazy but constantly poetic. That’s all a lesson of EM that Bernd Kistenmacher is serving to us with this epic track which pursues its unbridled crusade while piano notes return haunting Let it Out! with striking percussions hits. Memotron stratums return and are even more symphonic. They wrap this wild rhythm of a tight melodious influence where lines, layers and stratums of synth are uniting to unify their breaths in a wonderful celestial clarion which sings and charms under frenzied hits of percussions, breathless sequences and this line of bass which supports this rhythm of a surprising cohesion with its thick cooing undulations. And quietly this infernal rhythmic train enters its station. It slows down its pace, letting drag the dust of its clarions, piano notes and sequences to only make hearing an acoustic guitar that sings beneath the jolts of still alive rhythms and breaths of a synth to hybrid layers, between the symphonic and Berlin School there where choirs breath in under mellotron stratums and hits of philharmonic big drums.
There are no doubts in my head, Let it Out! will be a piece of anthology in contemporary EM. We attend at a real tour de force where Kistenmacher is a real musical whirlwind. Throughout this heavy sequential and symphonic maelstrom, Bernd Kistenmacher maintains a fascinating melodious approach which is the soul of this long hypnotic musical piece where every stage brings its melodious freshness and the poetry so unique to the musical universe of the German synthesist. It is a pure masterpiece which is available in downloadable format on MellowJet site. I think it’s useless to specify that it is a must have. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best EM album in 2011 so far.
Sylvain Lupari
gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com "

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"Let It Out" is available as download only at the "webshop" of "MellowJet Records".

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Electronic Music For Life - Out Now!

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