Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello friends,

finally I did it!

From now on you can find actual informations on my new official MySpace artist-page.

Klick on this link or search for my name and you are on the right way.

Of course "friends" are welcome:-)



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back from holidays!

Hello dear friends,

after a few weeks I am back now (well recovered).

Autumn is coming and there is much work to do.
First, I will work on a new album. The musical direction is not yet clear but it is not planned as a pure "Berlin School" album. However, the compositions will be a mixture of analogue and digital sounds.

Recently, I have purchased a Yamaha YC-45D organ. The beast sounds "dirty and synthetic" at the same time. Connaisseurs like to discribe it as the “organ version” of the CS-80 synthesizer. I agree with it. The instrument is absolutely fantastic and sounds very versatile. The only problem is, that I must kill the noise from it… somehow!
Yamaha YC-45D

The "Octopus" sequencer, will participate on the album too (of course). Parallel to the recordings I will write the promised experience-report for the “Synthesizer-Magazin”. The English version of the text will I be placed in this blog then.

In September, I will travel to Bielefeld (Germany) to the "Electronic-Circus Festival” to meet some people from the scene there, as well as fellow artists and fans. Certainly I can tell you then more concrete details about the album publication. I look forward to this date.

To shorten the time until then you can from now on listen to my last album "Un viaggio attraverso l'Italia" at "Last.FM".

In April 2000 I had performed my last concert so far. By invitation of Tomat Giordano, a member of the Italian electronic music fan club "21st Century Music", I performed at the famous "Teatro Delle Celebrazioni”. The recordings were the basis for this album.
First, the CD was released at the "Merano Magic" record company (Volker Flottmann) in a small edition.
Then, in December 2000, I went to "BSC Music" (Christoph Bühring-Uhle). The album was published there a second time and it is still available.

Unfortunately there was a mistake with one title. "Cogni di B" must correctly called "Sogni di B.". To prevent errors I would rather prefer the English title "Dreaming of B.".

See you soon!