Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paris - one week ago

Dear friends,

yes, the concert in Paris is one week ago. I really don't know why time passes so quickly. No question about, this weekend was absolutely fantastic and unforgetable.
I am not able to describe everything here but I will try to leave some thoughts about the most important moments.

Our little journey began on thursday 22nd of october in Berlin. We didn't want to drive non-stop to Paris. So Bernd Scholl - owner of "MellowJet Records" - and his kind family had invited us and we had the chance to stop our trip in german Eifel near the boarder of Belgium. This first evening was filled with good talks and very good food and drink too. So on friday morning we had enough power again to continue our journey.

...with Bernd Scholl (MellowJet Records)

Another 5 hours on the autoroute and we arrived Paris on friday afternoon. Our hotel was right on the famous quarter of Montmartre vis-a-vis of LaCigalle and La Boule Noire - the club, where I was asked to play. On the roof of our hotel, we had a phantastic view over Paris. Beeing in Paris for the first time of my life was also one of the unforgetable moments.

...view from our hotel to Montmartre

In the evening we met all my friends of "Cosmiccagibi", the french association which asked me to return on stage in november 2008 and which also organized the upcoming concert.

...Cosmiccagibi presenting the concert-poster

After a big "Hello" we had a little sightseeing and went up the Montmartre directly to Sacre Coeur - this big, white church on top of the mountain. You have a fantastic view over Paris from there; also by night. Then we had a nice dinner and good talks again.

Saturday was the day we were waiting for. We met us in front of LaBoule Noire and started with all necessary preparations for the concert. It was great to do this again after such a long time.

...during rehearsal

...Pavle Kovacevic

Also Pavle Kovacevic and Bruno Begani , which played at first on this evening, did their preparations on stage. These nice guys used a lot of fantastic analogue equipment and created a cool sound with their machines.

After all rehearsals Olivier Bégué told the whole staff to leave the club because of a video, which should be filmed by Julien Perrin. He wanted to do a little artist-portait for a video collection called "Single Collection". Main idea was to ask artists for their most beloved song or music, which was initial reason to make music too. In my case it was "Aegian Sea" from greek cult-band "Aphrodite's Child". So I will tell not more but invite you to watch the result of our filming, which is online in the meantime. It is obvious to thank Cosmiccagibi for this great idea and Julien for his kind and professional way to get me in front of a camera. Funny beside all this is, that you can get a short impression of "La Boule Noire" and "Our" stage.

So the concert began at 7 pm with the set of Bruno Begani et Paul Kovacevic. They played approx. 1 hour.

My set began after a short break at 8.30. Olivier made a short introduction then I went on stage and started...

I am very satisfied with the concert. At least I played completely music from my next album "Celestial Movements". All synths worked perfectly and the audience liked the music very much. After 2 hours everything was finished. Just an important note about a fact, which makes me very proud. As you surely know, the concert of Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard at german Loreley was released on DVD ("Rheingold"). It was filmed by James L. Frachon. The same James L. Frachon ("Mygale Films") also filmed my concert with 2 cameras. The result will be published soon. Of course this was again one of the great ideas of my friends of "Cosmiccagbi". Thanks to them and many thanks to James L. Frachon.

After the concert I had some nice talks with fans and some short interviews.

Then we had to leave the club fast and we met us again for a final diner at "Cafe Montmartre".

...relaxing after the show

On sunday we left Paris after a little sightseeing again as well as we had to leave our friends too. We returned to Bernd Scholl's home and stayed there overnight again. Finally we had another nice evening there. We also discussed final works for my CD, which will be released latest in 3 weeks.

Finally I can't say much more but thank you. Thank you to my friends Marie and Olivier Bégué, Michel Le Stum and his nice wife Mané, Christian Piednoir, Dominique "The Driver" Pelletier, Yann, Fred, Fabrice, Olivier Briand and all other guys of Cosmiccagibi I forgot to mention here. I thank Julien Perrin and James L. Frachon for their ideas, support and help. I thank Bernd Scholl and his family for believing in me and my family too for the love they gave and give to me.

So here we are now. We went a way, which was not easy to go. We look to the future and see all this things which are possible now.
Let's do it.

In love

Bernd Kistenmacher

Monday, October 12, 2009

Paris - final promotion!

The home stretch is reached!

Less than two weeks to go and "Cosmiccagibi" has started its final promotion for the
"Celestial Movements ... Live!" concert in Paris, on 24th of october!.
Thank you Michel for your talent and help.

Please check out this video on " Youtube ":

See you soon at "La Boule Noir".

Friday, October 2, 2009


This short news are very "Rolandesque" indeed but they might be interesting to you:

First, "Roland Germany" (a division of the Roland Group) will support my concert in Paris. So beside other Equipment from Roland, which I use since many years, the "V-Synth GT"and the actual "Juno-Stage" Synthesizers will take part on my "show". Also Roland announces my concert on their german website. Please find more infos under "actual dates".

Second, the german "Synthesizer-Magazin" has just released issue no. 16 with my experience report about the huge "Fantom G8" Workstation, which I have written in may and june this year.

At third, "Planet Origo", the website for latest news from movie- and music-business (specialised on SF- Movies and electronic- and contemporary music) from Estonia, also mentions my concert in Paris. Many thanks to Glenn Folkvord.

Also my friend Christian Piednoir from "Cosmiccagibi" has updated his "blog d'Alpha-Lyra" with some nice pictures and announcements.

And last but not least, if you like to listen to a first little part of my upcomming CD "Celestial Movements", please go to the website of "MellowJet"-Records. A first audiosample is online now.

I hope you'll like it.