Sunday, September 21, 2008


That was once again a great weekend! Since longer time announced, the first "Electronic Circus" was now held on last Saturday (20th of september) in Bielefeld. To anticipate it: the event was a big success.
I have met "old" friends, fans and fellow artists after many years again and I also met some of them for the first time (the very sympathic Wolfram Spyra for example).

Frank Gerber - the manager of the event - and his team did a great job. Nice people and “helping hands” at all places. The musician Stefan Erbe was the moderator of the event and led (circumventing the breaks cleverly) sovereignly through the afternoon and evening.

All important companies of the e.m. scene (MellowJet Records, Manikin Records, Groove, Cue Records, Spheric music, David Wright, etc.) were represented there as well as the "Schallwende e.V", the "Synthesizer Magazin", "Music-Zirkus-Magazin"," Eldoradio" or the local television of Bielefeld.

All concerts were done with great enthusiasm and I am sure that next year an “Electronic Circus Part 2" will take place again.

Again in Bielefeld and again at the "Movie", a really nice venue.

...with Wolfram Spyra (Der Spyra) and Mike Niemann (one of the "helping hands")

...with Bernd Scholl (MellowJet-Records)

Hans-Hermann Heß and Frank Gerber- the organizers of the "Electronic-Circus"

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello friends,

since yesterday, you can also watch to some of my older videos on my new YouTube page.

Actually you can find there 2 videos made in 1991 und 1994, which were part of the "M.I. Rainbow Collection " CD/CD-ROM set. The first one shows some minutes of a concert, which I had given with Harald Grosskopf (drums) in the cologne "Stadtgarten" venue. The second video was made 3 years later in german town "Bocholt".
Both were made by Franz-Wilhelm Huendchen, a good friend of mine. Thank you for your help!

Also the "Octopus-Experience" article for german "Synthesizer-Magazin"is in progress and ready soon. I will meet the guys from the mag on saturday in Bielefeld during the "Electronic-Circus" festival.

See you there...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It is Video time!

I've just found some nice videos, which I definetely must show you.

This one here was a "dia show" as part of the CD-ROM project "The M.I. Rainbow Collection".

Some pictures for it where taken during the rehearsal in Dresden 1989 (some of you remember?). Others are from my concert in Annecy, from "Nachtklang und Trommel" in Berlin with Harald Grosskopf and from earlier times. The background music is really "cosmic"....

I also loaded another video on my MySpace profile up.

It shows some minutes of a concert, which I had given in german town Bocholt in 1994.

By the way: you can now listen to my album "Starting Again" at Last.FM .

Enjoyed it.