Sunday, November 25, 2012

After Elektro Beats

Last Radio Poets

There are some nice reactions here and there in the "www" after Olaf Zimmermann's interview with me and his presentation of my latest releases in his "Elektro Beats" radioshow.

1) The pure interview is now online on the website of "RadioEins". You can listen to it "here".

2) Same interview has also been recommended on the american "Last Radio Poets" website. To get access, please click on this "link".

3) Last but not least a nice reaction of a german fan on the "Elektro Beats" website:

"Lieber Olaf Zimmermann,
schon seit geraumer Zeit krame und grabe ich im spannenden Elektronik und Krautrockdschungel der 70er und 80er Jahre und habe nach und nach so einige Eckpfeiler ausmachen können. Der großartige Bernd Kistenmacher ist allerdings eine völlige Neuentdeckung für mich. Ich danke sehr herzlich und möchte hiermit an der Verlosung einer der Schallplatten teilnehmen.

Mit besten Grüßen,

There is nothing to add at the moment ;-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Elektro Beats Repeated

Bernd Kistenmacher & Olaf Zimmermann

Here is a second chance to listen to the "Elektro Beats" show from last night: it will be repeated in the night from thursday to friday.

Please follow this "link" for more informations and the schedule.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deutsche Austrophon announces Patterns Of Light

The last month announced "Best Of.." album "Patterns Of Light" is out now. As told, it is released on "IC Digit - Innovative Communication" and contains the previously unreleased new track "Autumn Leaves", which will also be presented in the next "Electro Beats" show (see last post). The CD can be obtained in several online- shops but also directly on the website from "DA Musik - Deutsche Austrophon".

Here is the final tracklisting:

01. The Beginning (Bernd Kistenmacher) 4:14
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

02. In Face Of Saturn (Bernd Kistenmacher) 8:49
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

03. The End Of The Record (Bernd Kistenmacher) 12:59
From the album “Contrasts Vol I”, 1998, published by MIRecords

04. A Hand Softly Touching You (Bernd Kistenmacher) 11:47
From the album: “Outlines”, 1991, published by MIRecords

05. The Memorial (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:58
2011, published by MIRecords

06. On The Shoulders Of ATLAS (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:05
From the album “Antimatter”, 2012, published by Mellowjet Records

07. Lost City (Bernd Kistenmacher) 14:01
From the album “Beyond The Deep”, 2011, published by Mellowjet Records

08. Autumn Leaves (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:24
2012, published by MIRecords

For details, please follow this "link".

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elektro Beats

On wednesday 21st of november, I will be guest again in one of the most famous (public) radio-shows for electronic music: "Elektro Beats" on "RadioEins" hosted by "Olaf Zimmermann". Olaf will present a "full-package" of my music. So you can listen to some nice talks and music from "Antimatter", "Let It Out!+", "Patterns Of Light" and the vinyl-edition of "Head-Visions".

The 2-hour show starts at 11.00 p.m.. Please click "here" to get access to all "on- and off air" frequencies incl. livestream!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Short video from E-Live Festival 2012

I am sorry. I just forgot to share with you a nice Video from Youtube, showing a short excerb of my "Pompeji"-performance at past "E-Live Festival 2012" in Oirschot.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lost Frontier - New compilation online!

Lost Frontier "Sampler 12"

 "Lost Frontier", most famous radioshow for electronic and meditativ music from Spain, presents their latest download-release, which is called "Sampler 12". This collection of music contains also my track "The Memorial", which is inspired by José Saramago's novel "Memorial Do Convento".
Special thanks to Javier Bedoya from Barcelona for his kind support.

To get access to the music, please follow this "link".