Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Electronic Music FOR LIFE

"Everyone has seen the disastrous incidents in Japan in the News since several weeks. The devastating earthquake on March 11th, 2011 was followed by a destructive Tsumani.
Thousands and thousands of people had to escape or were swept along by the floods. The number of victims is rising day by day. To all this suffering a nuclear catastrophy of unknown extend is threatening the country and so the japanese people. At the same time thousands of refugees, children, families, old people are fighting for their livelihood."

"I was able to persuade more than 20 well known musicians and artists to contribute a song for this project. The unexpected happened: The response was so overwhelming, that "Interdisc" decided to sponsor a double-CD-production. Simultaneously, "Rebeat" will sponsor the digital distribution incl. Promotionservice. Many well known onlineportals already assured their support: Every Euro, every cent counts."

"100% of the revenue will be given to the " Red Cross " for direct support in Japan. Further information will follow. It should be stressed, that 100% of the revenue will be donated, no charges or costs for production or downloads will be deducted!
The deadline for the participating artists is April 10th, 2011. The production will start shortly afterwards. The mastering will be performed by „Eroc“."

"The Compilation is finished and mastered. We got finally 27 songs from 27 different artists. That's awesome. Snippets are "
online ". Most of the tracks were produced and composed exclusively for this project. So "EM FOR LIFE" became a great mixture of nearly all known Electronic Music genres. This release is a must have in any collection.

Both two CD´s are brimfull and the total playtimes is about 150 minutes. The project is very international. Besides artists from Germany there are acts from France, United Kingdom, Norway Israel, Netherlands, Greek and Poland on it.

With thankful regards,

Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl "

I can not much more add to Bernd Scholl's thoughts on this project, beside the wish, that many, many people may help the japanese victims. Also we would be thankful, if somebody would help us in a similar situation.

The actual playlist and audio-snippets can be found "here".

Please enjoy and help!

Bernd Kistenmacher

Sunday, April 3, 2011


 During the last "Schallwelle - Deutscher Preis für elektronische Musik" celebration, I was asked to participate at the encore of Robert Schroeder's concert, who was invited as the main-act. The result of our collaboration was recorded and is now available on the CD "Robert Schroeder - Bochum Live 2011". The CD is available from april 20th. on and can be ordered at "News Music". Detailed infos can also be downloaded "here".

Shipping start  20th of April 2011