Monday, March 26, 2012

Radio Jena - E.M.-Special show on1st of april !

On april first, host "Rainer Sauer" will present music and interviews with the 3 winners of Radio Jena's "Album Of The Year" election.So we met us last week  at the "Frankfurt Musicfair" and we talked very long about my musical development, ups and downs (and ups again) and of course we talked about "Antimatter". Rainer recorded everything, so you might expect a nice interview (in german language) and a lot of music of "Antimatter".
Please follow this "link" to watch the website.
For following the lifestream, please click on this "link.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Antimatter - On the radio plus interview

"Terry hawke" announces a new edition of his "Hawke Chill Out Sessions" show for upcoming saturday night /sunday morning (march 17th).
If you like to follow, here is the schedule:

    • 17. März um 22:00 bis 18. März um 08:00

  • "The Hawke Presents Yet Another Inter-Stellar 10 Hour Audionique Journey!"

    I'm ON-AIR with Donna-Jo Thornton of the 'Morning Breeze' on Saturday's around 8am PDT / 3pm GMT and Sunday's around 9am PDT / 4pm GMT

    Phone-Link Interviews:

    1. ROBERT SCHROEDER & LAMBERT RINGLAGE @ 11.15pm GMT / 00.15am CET (Sun))
    2. BERND KISTENMACHER @ 01.15am GMT (Sun) 02.15am CET (Sun)
    3. Donna-Jo Thornton of 'The Morning Breeze' @ 3.15am GMT (Sun) 7.15pm PDT (Sat)

    When On-Air:
    When Off-Air:
    Facebook Comments Page: "HAWKE-FRIENDZ"

    Saturday & Sunday March 17th /18th 2012

    GMT: 10pm Saturday to 8am Sunday
    CET: 11pm Saturday to 9am Sunday
    EDT: 6pm Saturday to 4am Sunday
    CDT: 5pm Saturday to 3am Sunday
    PDT: 3pm Saturday to 1am Sunday


    Session 1: 'Ambio-Rock Synthonique Vol 2'
    10pm to 11pm GMT / 3pm to 4pm PDT
    1. Kan'Nal: Gypsy: CD Dreamwalker
    2. Dean De Benedictus: Occur: CD Salnaging The Past
    3. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Rich Woman: CD Raising Sand
    4. Laura Mann: Your The Reason I Go On Living: CD Bowties & Tatto's
    5. Anubis: Us: CD Sibuna
    6. The Orb: High Noon: CD The Dream
    7. Porcupine Tree: Phase II: CD Voyage 34
    8. Lunar Dunes: As Below: CD From Above
    9. Ramp: Tool: CD Oughtibridge
    10. Kan'Nal: Desest Flower: CD Dreamwalker

    11pm to Midnight GMT / 4pm to 5pm PDT
    1. Robert Schroeder: Esthetique: NEW CD Esthetique
    2. Robert Schroeder: Energizer: CD (see 1.)
    3. Robert Schroeder: Neutron Swarm: CD (See 1.)
    4. Robert Schroeder: Waiting For You (excerpt): NEW CD Club Chill Vol 1
    5. Robert Schroder: I LIke It So: CD (See 4.)
    6. Hypnosphere (aka Lambert & Alien Nature: Sleepwalk: NEW CD Within The Whirl
    7. Berlin Heritage: Long Journey To Different Temples (excerpt): NEW CD Land Of The Rising Sun
    8. Jiannis & Lambert: White Light (excerpt): NEW CD Timeless Vision

    Session 3: 'Ambio-Rock Synthonique Vol 1 '
    Midnight to 1am GMT / 5pm to 6pm PDT
    1. NEW: My Cosmo Tube: aka Sacha Simnovec: Antarctica*
    2. Echopilot: Revelation Ridge: Comp CD Bioluminescence
    3. Krill.Minima: Kronen Dub: Comp CD (See 2.)
    4. Selfish: Easy Mr Palmer: Comp CD (See 2.)
    5. Dream Theatre: Anna Lee: CD Falling Into Infinity (Thanks Dorthe!)
    6. District 97: Mindscan VI: CD Hybrid Child
    7. Vakuum Sounds: A Journey After A Snake Bite: Comp CD (See 2.)
    8. Xerxes: Longyaard: Comp CD (See 2.)
    9. NEW: Moonloonies: Oort Cloud
    10. Altocirrus: The Needle

    * Can be found via 'Youtube', 'Soundcloud', 'Bandcamp'. As indeed can many of the other musician's featured during BOTH shows'.

    1am to 2am GMT / 6pm to 7pm PST / 8.15pm EST
    1. Wild Element: Sonic Space: Comp CD Syntonic Waves Vol 8
    2. Jonson: Minimalism Unfinished 2nd: CD (See 1.)
    3. Bernd Kistenmacher: They Call It Soup: NEW CD Antimatter
    4. Bernd Kistenmacher: It Doesn't Matter: CD (See 3.)
    5. Bernd Kistenmacher: Filling The Emptiness: CD (see 3.)
    6. Bernd Kistenmacher: Caverns Of Knowledge: CD (See 3.)
    7. Bernd Kistenmacher: Acceleration: CD (See 3.)
    8. Alpha Wave Movement: Another Time, Another Place: CD Drifted Into Deeper Lands
    9. Ian Boddy: Parabolic Excursions: NEW CD Strange Attractors

    Session 5: 'Ambio-Vox Synthonique Vol 1'
    2am to 3am GMT / 7pm to 8pm PDT
    1. Astralfish: Key Rings: NEW CD far Corners
    2. Klaus Schulze: High Moon (12 Uhr Nachts): Ltd Edt Bonus Track
    3. NEW: Radium88: And Then She Saw Stars: NEW CD Escaping Tomorrow
    4. NEW: Darlene Koldenhoven: Remember Me: NEW CD Solitary Treasures
    5. Sia: Don't Bring Me Down: CD Colour The Small One
    6. NEW: Dan Blanchard feat Nisha Narsai: Transformation: NEW CD Awakenings
    7. Spacecraft: The Pick Side Of Echoes: CD Cyberspace
    8. Schonwalder & Rothe: Cup 1: CD Filter-Kaffee 101
    9. Polaris: Permutations Pt 2: CD Background Stories
The interview with me will not be pre-recorded. So enjoy the show and meet me there or on Facebook at the same time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Antimatter - Review on Radio Goethe website

Radio Goethe

Well, here is another nice review of "Antimatter" on the german website of "Radio Goethe". Music and an interview will follow soon. But for reading it, please click on this "link".

Thank you

Monday, March 12, 2012

Antimatter is "Album Of The Year" at Radio Jena

The listeners of local radio "Radio Jena" had the chance to elect their "Electronic "Album Of The Year". The result is now online and I am happy to tell you, that"Antimatter" has got place no.1! To watch the complete listing, please click "here" and scroll a little bit down.

"Album Of The Year"

I would like to thank my fans for this kind gesture. This is another motivation to give my best on my next albums!

All the best

Bernd Kistenmacher

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Antimatter - More reviews

"It's sunday. Time is slow..." and of course the moment to share some new reviews about "Antimatter" with you.

The first one comes from german blog "Plattenbesprechungen" To read it, please click on this "link".

The second review come from the danish website "". You can read the review if you follow this "link", but eventually you need some help from Google-translation ;-)

Third Dimension Blog

And finally here is number 3 in the polish "Third Dimension" musicblog, written by "Mariusz Wójcik". You will find the review in polish language, if you follow this "link". 


And another new review on "Elmuzyca"- blog can be read "here".

Enjoy reading it

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Album Of The Year election on Radio Jena

German "Radio Jena" announces the "Album Of The Year 2012" election for his "Sounds vom Synthesizer" show. Host "Rainer Sauer" presents 10 e.m. albums and "Antimatter" is one of them. The election ends on march 10th. For details please follow this "link" or vote directly "here".

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Antimatter Review on GutsOfDarkness

This is a brandnew review of "Antimatter" on "Guts Of Darkness" webzine written by Sylvain Lupari.
I would like to share the english version here:

"When Bernd Kistenmacher took up with its synths in 2009 he undertook a trilogy cycle that he will call the Trilogy of the Universe. Celestial Movements being an ode for stars and Beyond The Deep a reflection on the Genesis, Antimatter loops the loop with as music theme the reproduction of Big Bang in laboratory and by the fact the foundations of our existence. These 3 albums of Bernd Kistenmacher are bound by a symphonic and electronic fusion where the German synthesist redefines the borders of EM by composing a superb electronic symphony. There where Berlin School has as root only its minimalism approach and its creative synth solos, while the melody and its ethereal layers of mist which cover the beginnings feed the greed of the monstrous orchestrations and its perpetual crescendo. Composed in 1 long piece segmented in 12 segments, Antimatter begins as it ends; with a fine musical source of energy which is going to captivate our interest for the 75 delicious minutes to come.
Alternative waves, a little as oblong electronic beeps, roll such as waves on nothingness’ back. They amass dusts of antimatters and they sculpture the orchestral beginnings of "Rising" which arises from the emptiness of "Preparations" to waltz weakly in the abysses of the cosmos. There where glaucous reverberations flirt with sumptuous momentums of violin of which the curt hits of bows introduce "Caverns of Knowledge". Slowly Antimatter confronts its melodies with the torments of its structures. If the cellos’ riffs from "Caverns of Knowledge" are hard and hatched, the melodic synth breezes, the fragile chords to tones of guitars and the crowd of violins of silk which sing beneath the repetitive knocks of the stubborn cellos testifies of this nuance and this balance between the fragility of both extremes. After a small "Injection" of colourful electronic tones and crisscrossed orchestrations, "Acceleration" begins the first sequenced rhythms of Antimatter. Twinkling and hopping sequences are hooking to the deaf pulsations which amplify their tones under the guise of threatening synth strata. The rhythm binds itself to the strings of cellos ploughed with strength, multiplying tenfold the fury of "Acceleration" which becomes pierced by violined orchestrations while sequences strum very discreetly a tempo which decreases its intensity to let piano notes roam in a brief meditative passage. But the strokes of the bows see to their rhythmic structure. Tearing the oniric approach, they hammer the quixotic strings with passion scarpering the plains of imagination in a surprising crescendo of passion and emotion where the breaths of horns oversize the melodious philharmonic structure of "Acceleration" which ends its orchestral ride in a sumptuous cinematographic finale. This is some great musical art here! The romantic piano of Kistenmacher returns haunting our emotions with the very beautiful "Filling the Emptiness" and its hesitating notes which stroll in a melancholic ethereal mist. A fine melody emerges from it, rocking both our dreams and transporting our feelings but also raising a guiding harmonious line which overflows on the 2nd portion of Antimatter.
With its deaf pulsations which resound around tinkled sequences and the harmonic vestiges of "Filling the Emptiness", "They Call it Soup!" espouses the same introductory line as "Acceleration". The sleeping rhythm wakes up little by little to burst with violent orchestral jolts, freeing splendid synth solos which overhang a stubborn rhythm. Piano notes are unfurling on this hatched minimalism approach, pounded by a set of sequenced keys which beat on the same pace, while superb synth solos with more philharmonic tones surround this rhythm which fades little by little in the forgetting before being completely lost in the laboratories of LHC (Large Hadron Collider). "On The Shoulders of ATLAS" is the jewel of Antimatter. Uncertain notes of a melancholic piano trace the introduction. They draw a beautiful melody which resounds in our ears and which clears itself a road up to the soul as the violins and the cellos are supporting its fragility. The strokes of the bows which follow and this kind of tremolos which get free of it crush the listening and paralyze our judgment so much it is beautiful. And suddenly, we toggle in the depths of our feelings with this propensity that Kistenmacher has to juxtapose his orchestral ornaments and these discreet vocalizes in an immense emotional painting where everything becomes confused and nothing else affects the reason. And "On The Shoulders of ATLAS" to progress in a wonderful crescendo, allying this cinematographic approach and this influence of Kistenmacher for Vangelis which encircles Antimatter and which cements all of its beauty. "What’s the Matter?" pulls us in the mazes of the antimatter with synth layers which enlace and merge in a slow waltz without movement. A fine pulsation pierces the silence of immobilism. Its flow adds quite another dimension to "What’s the Matter?" which becomes as musical as mysterious with synth waves which coo of tones as spectral as shrill, before being lost in the curt and violent hatching of the fanciful cellos of "It Doesn' t Matter", whose increasing rhythm is rocked into suave synth solos. And it’s from this evolutionary rhythm that arises "Large Hadron Collider". A rhythm molded in the brisk and brief orchestrations, accompanied by notes of piano and over towered by synth solos and where sequences alternate subtly their strikings and draw a nervous rhythmic which go astray in the ethereal mists and romantic notes of piano, displaying the perpetual duality of the rhythms, the ambiances and the melodies which surround Antimatter. "Where Is Higgs?" concludes Antimatter with a solitary melody played on an electric piano with tones which sound vaguely like a harpsichord. Bernd Kistenmacher reigns in as a solitary master over his trilogy’s finale where nothing gets lost or builds up itself but where everything is of beauty and everything ends like that begun.
Superb! Antimatter is a wonderful album which listens to it as we read a tale or a book of poetry. Throughout its discovery we go deep into the imaginary of Bernd Kistenmacher and its feelings. It’s a powerful album which merges marvellously the electronic and philharmonic approaches as well as the poetic and harmonic aspects. If that would be Vangelis who would have composed Antimatter one would shout to the genius and would vote this album the Rite of Spring. Then, let us make as. Antimatter is a master-piece of contemporary music and it's about time that we recognize the genius of Kistenmacher which has no equal to write music."

Sylvain Lupari & synth&

Please read the frech version "here".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Antimatter Review

A brandnew review of "Antimatter" is now online on german webzime "Musikzirkus-Magazin". To read it, please follow this "link"!

Interview for Elmusica

Things are going around fast these days. Another interview is now online. "Damian Koczkodon" and "Mariusz Wojcik" from Poland asked me some questions about my past and my recent work for "Elmusica" webmagazine.
The interview is written in polish and english language. if you like to read, please follow this "link".

Thank you and many greetings to Poland!