Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vana Verouti sings Utopia

Vana Verouti

Vana Verouti was born in Greece but was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She learned to play classical guitar at the age of 12 and since then she has composed both the music and the lyrics of most of her songs. At the age of 17 she made her first appearance in Rome where she was chosen to sing and record Italian versions of the compositions of leading Greek composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Xarchacos and Hadjidakis. Following this, she recorded a single with Vangelis, the Italian version of “I Want To Live”, called “Ed Ora Si”. Vangelis offered Vana the leading female vocals in his new album Heaven and Hell, which was recorded in his studio in London and to also perform along his side in the Albert Hall.

Vana’s interest shifted towards the New Wave scene and moved to Monmouth, in South Wales, to play with local musicians and record an album and a single with them. She performed her work with her band in Birmingham and Athens. Following this, she once again crossed paths with Mikis Theodorakis and consequently sang in his new album, “The Faces of the Sun.” Many performances followed, both in Greece and in Europe abroad and they toured many European countries together, after which she sang two songs by Mikroutsikos, in a play of a Greek ancient comedy by Aristophanis directed by George Messalas. 

 Vana’s attention then moved towards Ethnic music. She composed a new album gathering there he innermost feelings. “The voice Within” is the work that, as she says, expresses and touches her the most.

Vana is now living in Greece, on Mykonos island, she has written a book called ‘’The Sigh of the Gods which has been translated in three languages.    

-  Vana Verouti sings the titlesong "Utopia" of Bernd Kistenmacher's new album "UTOPIA" - 
 (lyrics and music by Bernd Kistenmacher)