Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry christmas and a happy new year 2011!

My dear friends,
christmas time is there and it is time for gifts!

2010 was again a year with successful events and new releases.
 Inspiration cannot be planned or prepared and when I had started to read Frank Schaetzing's science-fiction novel "The swarm" one year ago, I didn't know how deep it would touch and inspire me. So the music of "Beyond The Deep" happened in fact from itself.

First "tests" during the "Music Fair in Frankfurt" in march showed, that there was a real chance that you would like this music. The response of you confirmed this.

This brings me to the very positive cooperation with "Roland Germany", which had been intensified over the past 12 months. From "Frankfurt Music Fair" to "Ricochet Gathering" in Berlin and finally to Cologne and Berlin with a series of synthesizer-workshops (with my personal premiere as "lecturer" on synthesizer topics). This cooperation will continue and at the moment we work on new activitites in 2011.

Back to "Beyond The Deep". Short before the release of the CD, I was invited by "Schallwende e.V." to inaugurate the renovated "Planetarium Bochum" in past june. This was my first concert in Germany since many years. The Planetarium was sold out and what can I say: there are considerations and plans to do more in 2011 - of course.
The invitation to participate on the famous "Ricochet Gathering" festival (for the first time in Berlin) reached me in august. For a certain time, I was involved into the organisation. This was another chance again to meet interesting and nice people. Future cooperations could be a result of this. But I was also asked to perform and did this with a longer, new track which was conceived as a musical bridge between my recent symphonic style and past "berlin school" textures. This track - "Let It Out!" - will be my christmas-gift to all of you. Together with "MellowJet Records", we decided to release this music for the first time only as download - available only via the website of "MellowJet Records". Date of release is "01.01.2011"

So we start with a brandnew release into the next year. More will follow.

Finally I will not leave this year without saying thank you to all people, who have helped me to go forward again. Thank you to Bernd Scholl and his family (MellowJet Records), Sylvia and Klaus-Ulrich Sommerfeld (Schallwende e.V.) Mrs Huettemeister (Planetarium Bochum), Andreas Michel (Synthesizer Magazin), Ute (Rathaus Schoeneberg), Cord Brandis and Michael Menze (Roland Germany), Olivier, Christian, Yann, James and all other guys of Cosmiccagibi and last but not least the best friend of the world: Michel Le Stum.

You, you and you! I wish all of you a merry christmas, a peaceful time and a happy new year!

All the best

Bernd Kistenmacher

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SAE Institute presents next Synthesizer- Workshops

"SAE-School of Audio Engineering" presents on their website the next series of synthesizer-workshops in Berlin on december 4th. "Roland" music company will do again a "hands-on synthesizer" presentation.

As in cologne, the day will be finished with concerts from "Moogulator" and me.  The venue is the atrium of "SAE".

For details, address and registration, please follow this "link".

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exclusive concert in Cologne!

As I reported earlier, I will participate on the "Synthesizer-Symposium" in Cologne on november 27th.

The event in Cologne will happen at "EMS - Electronic Music School". The organizers will also do an "Open Day" for all of you, which wants to get know their offers.

But this is not everything: in the evening, all participants wants to have some "party" after that long and "hard" day.
Also I will finish the year with another exclusive concert and also my colleague Mic "Moogulator" Irmer will perform there. The evening will finish with an exclusive DJ-Set from Bjoern Torwellen itself. He is one of the heads of EMS.

So you might expect some extracts from "Celestial Movements" and "Beyond The Deep" and eventual a little bit more...
I am also happy to announce, that my label "MellowJet Records" will also be there with a stand.

So meet and greet is always possible!

I hope to see you there.

Be welcome...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interview and new music on Syndae-Podcast!

"Gentle fingers dancing on the keys tonight. Having yet another interview special on syndae, this time with EM grande Bernd Kistenmacher. He's been one of the most productive and well received artists in the 80s and 90s and has just made a return to music and stage in these years. Many things are different, and you will get to know Bernd's opinions and impressions on these changes as well as interesting insights and information on his upcoming symposia on November 27 and December 4."

Host Stefan Schulz announces his latest show with kind words about my work.
So please follow the link to "Syndae" and enjoy the latest podcast with a recently given
interview and an excerb of my concert at "Ricochet Gathering"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ricochet Gathering - A brief review

From 15th to 18th of october, "Ricochet Gathering Festival 2010" was held  in its 10th year in Berlin. The motto was "40 years of Electronic Meditation". Another might have been "40 years of Berlin School of electronic music". Howsoever history will call this event, because of the fantastic location (Rathaus Schoeneberg in Berlin), the whole event became much larger as it originally was planned.

Anyway, there was a lot of music, a lot of "meet and greet" with artists and fans and a big chance for exchanging ideas and making contacts.

And there also were a lot of sessions and life-performances. My was on sunday the 17th. Especially for this concert I had composed a brandnew track called "Let It Out!". Conceived as a combination of classical motifs and an audible reverence to all artists, which had started with "our" kind of music 40 years ago. No question, the track is 40 minutes long (!).  Some minutes of my performance can be watched in a little video on "Youtube".

What else can I say? It was a unique event and it would be great, if there would come a chance for a repitition. In Berlin and in the "Rathaus" again.

What do you think Vic?

...talking with Vic Rec in the "Brandenburg Hall"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ricochet Gathering - Huge advertising!

Dear friends,

I think this picture speaks for itself!

It was taken today right in front of "Rathaus Schoeneberg". The "Gathering..." is coming closer...and there are still some tickets for sale. Please check out "KOKA36".

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ricochet Gathering and Elektro Beats

Tomorrow, on october 6th at 23.00 host "Olaf Zimmermann" will present again his famous, weekly "Elektro Beats" radioshow on "Radio Eins".

Beside other good music, he will focus on the upcoming "Ricochet Gathering" festival, accompanied with music from me and "Wolfram Spyra".
Details about the programm can be found in the actual "playlist".

So don't miss this show which is always broadcasted "on air" as well as via "livestream".


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ricochet Gathering - Roland Company is main supporter!

Yesterday was a good day.

The upcoming "Ricochet Gathering" festival in Berlin is not only a place to discover a lot of finest electronic music or to meet famous artists.
It is also a place to discover the "machines behind" which are responsible for all those crazy sounds: the synthesizers.
As known since some weeks, "Roland Germany" will set up a special "synthesizer-island" during the whole festival. "Hands-on synthesizers" is the right motto for you and the opportunity to discover quite cool "machines". Other companies (for example "Manikin Electronic") will follow.
But there is more! Roland will also support the festival with their latest digital "Pro-Audio" equipment. That means, that they will install the actual "V-Mixing System M-400 console" which is distributed by "Roland RSS" and they will record the planned sessions as well as the concert with the new "Cakewalk Sonar" recording system. What an offer!

Michael Menze explains...

So yesterday was "training-day" at "GL-Audio". We ( Berlin's best sound engineers and some artists, which are involved in the organization of the festival) were exclusively introduced into the "V-Mixing System" by Mr. Michael Menze from Roland. He is product specialist for digital audio. So a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" and much more, a lot of answered questions were the result of this meeting. Michael will also participate on the "Ricochet Gathering" and all artist as well as the audience can be assured that the music will be delivered with best sound equipment.

Man of the day: Michael Menze

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ricochet Gathering - Official Tickets!

Good news. From now on you can order tickets for "Ricochet Gathering Electronic Music Festival" at "KOKA36" ticket-service. Please follow this "link" to enter the website.

Also "CTS Eventim" offers the tickets for the same event. For orders please click onthis "link".

See you!

Monday, September 20, 2010


In cooperation with "Roland Deutschland", german "Synthesizer-Magazin" has initiated two unique "Synthesizer-Symposia", which will happen at the end of this year.

The one-day seminar is on different topics with lecturers / specialists for synthesizer. Divided into several blocks seminars.
This means that each participant can attend during the day, all seminars in rotation.At the end of the day are planned:

* Synthesizer-artist hearing with Q & A session
* In the evening a live performance with synthesizer-artist Bernd Kistenmacher

In addition, there is also a "hands-on exhibition with synthesizers to discover and try out ".

Two dates and locations will be offered:

Saturday, 27th of november in Cologne
10:00 bis 18:00 o'clock
concert from 20:00 o'clock
ems – electronic music school, Alteburger Straße 375, 50968 Köln

Saturday, 4th of december in Berlin
10:00 bis 18:00 o'clock
concert from 20:00 o'clock
SAE Institute GmbH, Soltauer Straße 18, 13509 Berlin

Advance booking is required and can be done "here". The number of participants is limited.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beyond The Deep - New review

"Sonic Curiosity" - website from Matt Howarth, has published a brandnew review about "Beyond The Deep". You can read it here:

BERND KISTENMACHER: Beyond the Deep (CD on "Mellow Jet Records" )

This release from 2010 offers 61 minutes of noble electronic music.
This time, Kistenmacher turns to the oceanic depths for inspiration, producing tuneage that explores the mysteries above and below the waters.
Noble electronics and rhythms are employed to achieve music with strong character and imperial mien.
While texturals are utilized, their presence is minimal. Background layers are more often established in the form of tonal drones originating from elongated keyboard chords. The gist of the electronics are dominated by keyboards which generate a regal sound with engaging riffs running on top of moody cycles. Nimble fingers create spry riffs that sparkle with delightful zest.
Sometimes the keyboards adopt a pure piano sound that injects the songs with a vivid humanity.
While there are instances of conventional e-perc, Kistenmacher prefers to apply non-impact rhythms to introduce tempos into the songs, allowing pulsating sounds to approximate beats and lend some propulsion to the tuneage.
These compositions excellently capture an aquatic feeling, not just by including waves and seagulls in some occasions, but by establishing a dense drama that superbly evokes the murky depths. The music transports the listener into realms of dark pressure where light never reaches. Yet a certain gentility is present, alluding to a sense of awe at exposure to vistas unseen by human eyes.

More reviews can be read on his "website".
Thank you for your attention.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ricochet Gathering 2010 - New concert!

"Ricochet Gathering", international festival for electronic music, comes to Berlin for the first time!
This 4-day festival is organized by "Ricochet Dream" label and will take place on the famous "Rathaus Schoeneberg".

I will give a special concert on sunday, 17th of october beginning at 8-00 o'clock p.m at the "Willi-Brandt-Saal" (where the whole event will happen).

Details about the complete line-up and ticket-sales can be found "here".

You can also find some infos on the Roland-"website", Soundcheck-"newspage" and of course at "Cosmiccagibi".

Happy to see you there...

note about this event: "gefördert durch die Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Tempelhof - Schöneberg"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New reviews

"Hi folks,

holidays are over and it is time to return to business now.

First, I would like to give you information about some new reviews from Sylvain Lupari and
Matt Howarth.

Matt was so kind to review "Celestial Movements" as well as some older releases for his "Sonic Curiosity" website. Please find his comments "here".

Also Sylvain Lupari wrote something about "Beyond The Deep". The french version is again online at "Guts Of Darkness" website. Please find it "here".

The english version is not yet online. So if you like it to read before: please!

"Beyond the Deep is a worldwide call on behalf of Bernd Kistenmacher so that the man stops ignoring this vast world under our feet and respecting it, because if the nature should take revenge, it would come probably from there. Dramatic? Disturbing? Hmm … Yes, quite as the musical structures of Beyond the Deep, 17th opus of German synthesizer who goes of superb orchestral surges to renew our forgotten passion for Vangelis works.

Moreover it is what jumps to ears on Ouverture’s opening; big aquatic waves which roll beneath the skiff of a hydraulic galleon and gulls cackles that are dying in the singings of abyssal depths. A strange sea and world contrast where synth strikes remind dramatic approaches of the Spanish conquering galleys that eyed New World coasts. Deeply moving, the synth is magnificent and spits symphonic breaths which bend on percussions, such these old sailboats leaning on the strength of slaves rowers pushed by drums striking. The resemblance is stunning, but superbly musicale with a so sensitive dexterity that we imagine ourselves on these shuttles of the despair, escaping to scurvy and arrows of those future converts. The world and the sea! Two indestructible links that Kistenmacher displays and fills out with all the complexity of its electronic equipments, shaping thus a work as unique as the message carrier. A splendid refrain escapes from this stream strength, giving a second breath to Ouverture which becomes suddenly as harmonious as he could be dramatic. A synth which frees its melodious bits among rolling percussions such a conquering procession through seas. Seas to fine twinkling arpeggios which float around a splendid Mellotron aura, showing all the sensitivity of a Kistenmacher which weaves its orchestral arrangements with so much knowledge and panache as Vangelis or John Williams.
Shouts of terns above a rough sea, Tsunami’s intro rumbles with power and worry pouring under the dark side of waves and voices of sirens trapped in strange plasma to suspended chords. A soft Mellotron appears from it, flirting with a piano to chords as much hesitant as nostalgic and soaking in a halieutic romance. There where the melody gets lost in the infinity, in the gust of notes which float around a suave Mellotron, while embracing a chaotic structure which takes its surge with a heavy piano galloping on a choppy sea. A crazy race where the rhythm can’t be explain, but lives with doggedness by notes of a wild piano which dance feverishly in the mists of a heavy Mellotron, as the shaping of an immense wave of Tsunami which will crash with roar. The music of Kistenmacher lives and tells magnificently well on this oceanic ode where the progress of the sound structures binds itself with the imagination of its author. After the storm, it is the calm with melodious Clayoquot Sound where acoustic guitar and fluty Mellotron sing the serenity on a structure very near the roots of the progressive folk music. In progression, Kistenmacher adds to it beautiful strata of a very symphonic synth which wraps arpeggios to twinkling radiance and this wonderful melancholic Mellotron.
Lost City is another superb title where the duality of rhythms and harmonies is in constant ebullience on very beautiful orchestral arrangements. The intro flows as a river of Vietnamese cantons with a Mellotron to Pan Flute which espouses arpeggios weaved in the silk. A soft harmonious trickle which flows in a hybrid cosmos where planet Earth is catching up to the stars. At around the 3rd minute chords wriggle beneath strikes of jerky Mellotron string bows and drum rolls, reflecting Geoff Downes' complex orchestral universes. Lost City will constantly be torn pulled between the melodious sweetness and dramatic approaches dense orchestrations, under a discreet synth among of which spasmodic chords and symphonic strata invade little by little this universe where the rhythm gets win with bows strikes and anarchic percussions before sinking into the quietude of a which meets up its introduction. A great track that worth Beyond the Deep purchase. A little as his title indicates it In the Black Smokers Bar offers a jazzy structure. A structure of night club with a beautiful and languishing line of bass and a synth to aphrodisiac breaths that is out of tune from Beyond the Deep’s ambiance and which recalls Jarre cosmic rumbas on his first works. Who will Save the World? takes again the Mellotron orchestrations with tender violins which tear a soft intimate atmosphere where a beautiful flute floats in a hazy mystic. Magnetic, singing exercises to weakened tremolos go with this symphonic walk that adds to its nobility with harpsichord notes which furrow a cosmic synth. Another great music piece, with a not less beautiful refrain, that hooks the ear with its beautiful orchestrations.
Beyond the Deep is a wonderful musical jewel. Far from create conventional EM, Bernd Kistenmacher rather chose a very symphonic approach with its last opus, relegating the sequential movements, the cosmic approaches and ethereal ambiances in background, putting all its emotions in a great classical-electronic work worthy of the best Vangelis attempts. And there I would establish a link with 1492 and Alexander that I still am far from the final product. No! Kistenmacher goes further in the exploration of its equipment by redrawing their potentials with creativity that equals the one of great composers. I know that I will shock many eyes, and ears, but Kistenmacher indeed exceeded its mentor (Klaus Schulze) by signing his last works of a musical audacity that even Vangelis refused to penetrate. A very beautiful work! Very beautiful music which has nothing to do with EM such as Berlin School so much accustomed us." Sylvain Lupari

More infos are following soon....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video from the show in Bochum

Koos van Wijngaarden, administrator of the Dutch "EMPortal", was so kind to film a few minutes of my show at "Planetarium Bochum" and to share this on "Vimeo".

Bernd Kistenmacher Live in Bochum (Germany), June 12th, 2010 from on Vimeo.

So enjoy some minutes of "Ouverture"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Interview

Some weeks ago I had a long talk with Sylvain Lupari, who writes for "Planet Origo" and "Guts Of Darkness" webzines.

Both interviews are now online. You can find the english version at "Planet Origo" "here"

and the french version at "Guts Of Darkness" "here".


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beyond The Deep

The 12th of june, 2010 was a remarkable day.

I had not only a very nice concert at the sold Planetarium in Bochum. This day was also the day of the first release of my new solo album "Beyond The Deep". Had I still dealt  in "Celestial Movements" with astronomical themes, the maintheme is now the deep sea and the oceans.Inspired by a famous science fiction novel, I was concerned with the deep sea after my concerts in  Paris last year. My thoughts on this are fixed in the following preface:

On closer examination of the deep sea and the oceans, one is especially clear: we actually know very little about what is going on under the surface. Sure, we know about global mechanisms are working (do we really?). We know a (small) part of the species and slowly we begin to understand that the deep-sea habitats, so alien they may seem to us, are important for our own lifes.
However, this unlit and unfamiliar world is largely unexplored. In fact we know more about the stars that surround us, than about the world from which we all seem to come.

Sure, this prevents us humans not to exploit existing resources merciless.
This concerns not only the overfishing of the oceans or the never-ending thirst for oil. We begin to exploit the seabed of our oceans without mercy. Even the worst environmental disasters, not hinder us to identify new and profitable sources - obviously ignoring any sustainability. A sea floor, for example the manganese nodules has been combed "are" is, after only scrap value. Only a second glance shows that there also, in many thousands of meters of the water exists, life. At least before this “harvest” actions.

Where the continental plates are pushed apart by magma flows, therefore, to the ocean ridges, there are so-called "black smokers". Hydrothermal Vents, the hot 400 degrees on a spit primordial soup. Since a few years, we know, that even here is life. Whole habitats of worms, snails, and archaea.

"Beyond The Deep" is a musical fiction. A plea for the conservation of this unique and fragile world. Sometimes threatening. Sometimes enormous. And sometimes relaxing.
Who knows what kind of parties will be held at the "black smokers"?

To find out, we should not destroy and exploit. We should do research and look there to understand. The seas and their inhabitants would thank us for...

"Beyond The Deep" is now available at "MellowJet Records" webshop and at all well-sorted mailorder services.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Planetarium Bochum - First pictures and reactions

The show is over and we are back in Berlin now.
The weekend was fantastic and I thank everybody, who let this concert become reality.

First of all I thank Sylvia & Klaus-Ulrich Sommerfeld from "Schallwende e.V", Bernd & Michaela Scholl from "MellowJet Records", Stefan Erbe for his trust and his PA(!), Prof. Dr. Huettemeister & the team from Planetarium Bochum, Michel Le Stum and the guys from "Cosmiccagibi" and of course my wife Sabine and my son Manuel, who worked like a professional roadie (respect!).
So please enjoy some first pictures from Christian Piednoir and Sabine as well as the concert review by Stefan Schelle from "Musikzirkus Magazin".

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stageplan Bochum

As you maybe now it from Paris last year, here is the stageplan for Planetarium Bochum.

Only 6 days to go. See you soon...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beyond The Deep - MellowJet Update

Referring my new album "Beyond The Deep", "MellowJet Records" has updated their informations.
Please click on this "link" to read about the background of this CD and to catch some more audio-snippets.

 More music in "Planetarium Bochum" soon...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beyond The Deep

After my successful entry at "MellowJet Records" with "Celestial Movements", I am pleased and happy to announce now the upcoming release of my next solo-album "Beyond The Deep".
This production does not handle with stars or space. It is a fictional musical exploration of the deep sea and our oceans. The frontcover (which is done by my friend and known artist Michel LeStum, France) shows a highly modified "black smoker", a possible source of life on earth.

After last weeks world-radiopremiere of "Ouverture" (RadioEins), the opener of this CD, I can tell you that the final mastering has been done now and that the date of release will be saturday, the 12th of june 2010. Of course the CD can be acquired at the Planetarium in Bochum. Parts of my show will contain this actual music.
For more details, please click on this "link" and go to "MellowJet Records".

Another step has been done now. Back to studio now. I have to prepare a concert...

See you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Celestial Night - The Official Trailer

As promised, here is the official trailer for my concert in Bochum and more...
Again produced by Michel LeStum, France. Thank you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elektro Beats and "Beyond The Deep"!

Germany's most famous radioshow for electronic music "Elektro Beats" will present on may 19th some tracks of my actual album "Celestial Movements" plus interview.
As a world-premiere, host "Olaf Zimmermann" will also play the opening track "Ouverture" from my next album "Beyond The Deep". This track was never played before!
So if you don't want to wait until "A Celestial Night" in Bochum and the release of the CD, please don't miss this show, which will be broadcasted on may 19th, 12 o'clock p.m. local time.

More informations about the show broadcasted by "RBB - Radio Eins" can be found "here". For past shows, please check the "interviews" page.

For a livestream check this "link" or "frequencies".

More informations about "Beyond The Deep" (which will be again released at "MellowJet Records"), will follow soon...

 ...with Olaf Zimmermann

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planetarium Bochum - New website online!

The things are moving forward fast.

The re-opening of "Planetarium Bochum" is on may 5th, 2010 and their new "website" is now online.

Tickets for my "A Celestial Night" concert can now obtained at "ticket-online".

See you...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alien Air Music

One of the most famous radio-shows for electronic music in the United States will play my music today.

The host is well-known Pat Murphy:

"Hello Bernd,

I will play "In face of Saturn" on my radio program this Sunday, 2 May.  The playlist is posted on my website and your graphic is on the home page Highlight Box promoting the show.  Great music!

“Alien Air Music" features international electronic music and has run since 1984 here in Los Angeles from KXLU radio at Loyola Marymount University.  Broadcast time is Sunday evenings 9-11pm (PST). 

You can hear my program live one of two ways: live on KXLU radio, which webcasts its signal 24/7 on or listen to an archive of the program that will be available on my website for up to ten days after the radio broadcast."

If you want to learn more about "Alien Air Music, you can also check the following website:

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planetarium Bochum Reopening

Slowly, the newly renovated "Planetarium in Bochum" awakes to new life. The reopening is imminent. As a first "sign of life", the current program for the coming months can be downloaded "here". Of course with regard to my concert on 12th of June.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bernd Kistenmacher - Shimmering Blue in an Artificial Sky

This is a very nice video done by Bellerob!

Btw. the original track "Shimmering Blue In An Artificial Sky" is still available on my CD "Compiled Dreams" .

If you like, you can order it at "Mellowjet Webshop".


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview Musikzirkus-Magazin

In past february I was asked to do an interview with jounrnalist Stephan Schelle for his Website "Musikzirkus-Magazin".

This Interview (in german language) is now online and be read "here".

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Die Welt reports about my activities!

Today "Die Welt", one of Germany's largest daily newspapers, reports in a very nice article about my comeback, my musical intentions and my actual activities.

The article can be read in printversion and also online.

For the onlineversion please click "here".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Synthesizer-Magazin and Musikmesse Frankfurt

As I already had posted some weeks ago, "Synthesizer-Magazin" will be presented with an own stand at the "Musikmesse Frankfurt", which starts next week. This year they will organize some workshops and some short performances with several e.m. artists. If you like, you can meet me there at Hall "5.0 Stand C48" (nearby Roland) on friday 26th and saturday 27th of march (afternoon).
The whole thing is called "Synthesizer-Welt". Find more infos on this "page" of Musikmesse

At the moment I am working on new tracks for my next solo-album. The release is planned for june 2010, right before my concert in Bochum. So my performance at "Musikmesse" will contain some tracks from "Celestial Movements" and something new...

Btw. "Synthesizer-Magazin" has just released issue no. 19. Beside a very interesting article about the beloved "Roland 100M Modular-Synthesizer", you can find part 2 of my experience-report about the "VP 770 Vocoder" from Roland (part 1 was published in no. 18).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A touching review

"Planet Origo" - one of the most important webzines for electronic music - was so kind to "review" my latest album "Celestial Movements".
Honestly, I couldn't believe it when I read it first. I have never got such a positive and impressive feedback before.

Of course I would like to share this moment with you.
If you like to read it and to make your own opinion about that, please click on this "link".

Thank you very much to your attention and many greetings to the guys from "Planet Origo".

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lost Frontier

"Lost Frontier" is a very known spanish internet radio, which is specialised in electronic and new age music.
In the actual issue #625, which can be downloaded now, you can listen to "Beauty Lights" from my CD "Starting Again" and to a nice jingle, which I was asked to produce for the show.

So, enjoy it... 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Musikmesse 2010

So it is time again to speak about the upcoming "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt (Germany).

This year german "Synthesizer Magazin" presents a lot of activities around the big world of synthesizers and electronic music production. For example they will do workshops for production of techno music as well as for new, modern synthesizers.

In addition, "Synthesizer Magazin" will present musicians on a little stage that can report on their activities and their working practices in the studio, but also will perform their current music. This is the place where you can find me - if you like - on friday 26th and saturday 27th of march. I will play some tunes from "Celestial Movements" and some new tracks from my next album too.

Also my colleague Stefan Erbe will perform there.

Details can be found here (click for a bigger size):

The "Musikmesse" will be held from march 24th to 27th in? yes Frankfurt.

So I am happy to meet you there..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cosmiccagibi Update

I am happy and proud to present you now the very touching english version of the review of "Celestial Movements". It is written by Olivier Begue, Michel Le Stum and all other friends of "Cosmiccagibi".

Please click on this "link" to read it.

Thank you very much.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Celestial Movements reviews

A nice review about "Celestial Movements" can be read on german "Musikzirkus-Magazin", an online-magazine specialized in Krautrock and electronic music. The review was written by Stephan Schelle. Please click on this link to read the article.

Another comment about the album was done by Thomas Broich for "Music-Transformation" video-magazine on "Youtube". He did also an telephone-interview with me which is visulized with some images from the concert in Paris. You can also find this interview on "Youtube".

Even my friends from "Cosmiccagibi" felt free to write a review on there website right "here".

And last but not least, an interesting review found in this german "blog".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Synthesizer-Magazin Interview

In the current issue No. 18 of the "Synthesizer-Magazin" is printed a two page interview, which was made last year after my concert in Paris and the release of my CD "Celestial Movements". The interview is conducted in German. Who can read it or would like to buy the magazine, is welcome to go on the homepage of the "Synthesizer-Magazin" for more information.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Voyager plays Celestial Movements

As the first public radiostation in Germany, the "Hessischer Rundfunk" (HR2) will play "Celestial Movements" on upcoming sunday (10th of january 2010) in his famous radioshow "Crossover: Voyager" which will be moderated by Robert Lug.
Playlists of this show can be downloaded if you follow this link .
You can listen to this programe via terrestial (UKW) frequencies as well as via cable, satellite or livestream.
One info is missing: the show starts at 23.20 o'clock local time.