Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!

So, here we are now. Right at the beginning of 2012!

2011 started with a very special experiment, when "MellowJet Records" and I decided to release the unique "Let It Out!" track as download only. I will not tell too much about it, but we plan to do something more with this "40 years in 40 minutes"-journey in 2012.

We also saw some nice and important contributions on several compilations. Beginning with the track "One Single Flower", which I specially composed for MellowJet's "Electronic Music For Life" compilation, which was (and still is) dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami in Japan.
The "Schallwende- Verein für elektronische Musik" (Germany) asked me for another contribution for their "Schallplatte no.13" compilation. I contributed the track "Das Memorial", which was inspired by Jose Saramago's novel "Memorial Do Convento". This is a special track who has also found his way on the "Mystic Highlands" compilation (MORE Music). Not forget to mention a little guest-appearance, which I had during Robert Schroeder's concert in "Planetarium Bochum" in march. The album "Robert Schroeder - Bochum Live 2011" is the result.

Then..."Antimatter". To realize this project, I needed "some" help to understand only a few of the uncountable physical and technical processes, which are necessary for finding answers for one of the most important questions, which dominates our lives: where did we come from and how did it all begin? I am proud and happy to say, that I became acquainted to one of the best instructors for this complicate "matter". His name is Rolf Landua. He is physicist at "CERN" near by Geneva (Switzerland), the place were the LHC - the Large Hadron Collider is located. After intensive communication via email during the past months, we met us for the first time in october at Frankfurt bookfair (Buchmesse). We discussed a lot of details and Mr. Landua promised to write a foreword for the CD after listening to the first tracks of the CD. Thank you for this kind gesture!

Meeting Rolf Landua (CERN) at Frankfurt Bookfair

Well, we wanted to publish the album midth of november, but at least I was unhappy with the result. So corrections and additions had to be done and right now, we have a fine master and from 14th of january 2012 on, we will also have a new solo-album. Downloads in FLAC and MP3-format will be also available then. But something else is available since november: the fantastic artwork for the album and a promising video-trailer for "Antimatter" on "Youtube". Both was realized again by my best friend Michel Le Stum. Thank you for that masterpiece!

Apropos, this date brings me also to another 2012 opening "highlight". "Antimatter Live in Planetarium Muenster". The concert will now be the premiere for "Antimatter". Ticket sales are running well at this moment and I wait for the moment to welcome all of you there.

Something else? Oh yes, as promised, right now in this moment my official homepage "" will be online. Still a little bit rudimentary, but this thing will grow fast and soon.

I wish you a happy new year 2012. May it become a happy and peaceful time for you!

Heartfelt greetings

Bernd Kistenmacher

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New interview in KEYS!

I am happy to announce a brandnew interview that currently has been published in german "KEYS - Magazin für Musik und Computer".

The interview was held in Berlin past summer with Ulf Kaiser. We talked about technical facts as well as my past and my recent music and other activities. Of course we talked also about "Antimatter", which will be out...soon!

Enjoy it!