Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry christmas and a happy new year 2011!

My dear friends,
christmas time is there and it is time for gifts!

2010 was again a year with successful events and new releases.
 Inspiration cannot be planned or prepared and when I had started to read Frank Schaetzing's science-fiction novel "The swarm" one year ago, I didn't know how deep it would touch and inspire me. So the music of "Beyond The Deep" happened in fact from itself.

First "tests" during the "Music Fair in Frankfurt" in march showed, that there was a real chance that you would like this music. The response of you confirmed this.

This brings me to the very positive cooperation with "Roland Germany", which had been intensified over the past 12 months. From "Frankfurt Music Fair" to "Ricochet Gathering" in Berlin and finally to Cologne and Berlin with a series of synthesizer-workshops (with my personal premiere as "lecturer" on synthesizer topics). This cooperation will continue and at the moment we work on new activitites in 2011.

Back to "Beyond The Deep". Short before the release of the CD, I was invited by "Schallwende e.V." to inaugurate the renovated "Planetarium Bochum" in past june. This was my first concert in Germany since many years. The Planetarium was sold out and what can I say: there are considerations and plans to do more in 2011 - of course.
The invitation to participate on the famous "Ricochet Gathering" festival (for the first time in Berlin) reached me in august. For a certain time, I was involved into the organisation. This was another chance again to meet interesting and nice people. Future cooperations could be a result of this. But I was also asked to perform and did this with a longer, new track which was conceived as a musical bridge between my recent symphonic style and past "berlin school" textures. This track - "Let It Out!" - will be my christmas-gift to all of you. Together with "MellowJet Records", we decided to release this music for the first time only as download - available only via the website of "MellowJet Records". Date of release is "01.01.2011"

So we start with a brandnew release into the next year. More will follow.

Finally I will not leave this year without saying thank you to all people, who have helped me to go forward again. Thank you to Bernd Scholl and his family (MellowJet Records), Sylvia and Klaus-Ulrich Sommerfeld (Schallwende e.V.) Mrs Huettemeister (Planetarium Bochum), Andreas Michel (Synthesizer Magazin), Ute (Rathaus Schoeneberg), Cord Brandis and Michael Menze (Roland Germany), Olivier, Christian, Yann, James and all other guys of Cosmiccagibi and last but not least the best friend of the world: Michel Le Stum.

You, you and you! I wish all of you a merry christmas, a peaceful time and a happy new year!

All the best

Bernd Kistenmacher