Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A happy new year to all of you!

First a short look back again. I still receive some requests about the release of tracks or albums of my back-catalogue. Because of a very “uncomfortable” publishing situation, as result of wrong decisions I made many years ago and - more important - because of my future plans, I am not willing to invest time and energy to change this at the moment! I am sorry to disappoint you.

Generally my music is not “GEMA-free”. That means that everybody, who wants to obtain the right to publish my music, has to pay royalties to the GEMA or to his local collecting society (BIEM or BUMA/STEMRA for example). I cannot give you music for free. So please do not ask for.

But looking forward now I can tell you that my new studio is nearly finished and I will definitely start composing and recording new tracks. Ideas are there enough and I am very optimistic to announce a new album within this year. Talks about this are ongoing.

So please follow this blog. I will be back here with good news soon (maybe we will meet us at Frankfurt Music Fair in march 2008?).

So long
Bernd Kistenmacher


Anonymous said...

2008 will be the year that things will connected in a cool way for you.
I really do have this feeling from here on the ashole botton of south France.
You said you have enough ideas and music to prepare a new album this year ! So let express your creativity and gives us some mew materials to discharge our thirst.
We are all legions of shaking fans waiting for your new album Opus Bernd.
We trust in your compositions and you can in an other hand trust on our love to your magical landscapes and sounds.

Now Bernd I have a new "anonymous" name.
Does it fits to me ?

Your devoted,

Bernd Kistenmacher said...


The name reminds me in something far, far away...

Best regards


Sylvain (France / Brittany) said...

Oh my God, Bernd is back.

It is really, really good news.

You will use a modular for this new album? (Technosaurus?)
Can you give us a few clues on this new CD?

Caution every Electronic Music fan's, Bernd is back, Bernd is back, Bernd is baaaaaaaaaack.