Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Annecy 1988

Hello together,
checking my picture-archives I had the idea to let you look into it too (from time to time).

For example this one above.

It was taken during a rehearsal-session in France 1988. The very warm and nice place were it happened was Annecy (near Lake d'Annecy). The festival was planned as the biggest event for electronic music in europe!

This was also the first time were I met Tim Blake. To be honest: he was much more relaxed than I. Of course I was the newcomer and he the professional. I learned a lot from him.
Also I still remember, that I was paid with a not covered cheque !

But who cares....

Bernd Kistenmacher


Anonymous said...

I live near the village of tim blake. Tim Blake had Recently a problem with alcohol and with the French courts...

Bernd Kistenmacher said...

It is bad to hear that. If you should meet him, please send him all my best wishes and enough power for the future.



Mat Mckenzie said...

Hi bernd!

Nice studio photo, bit like the signed one you sent me in the 80's which I have up on my studio wall!

Good to see you on the web - perhaps you 'll get a MySpace page?

All the best

Artist-Profile said...

Hi Mat,

nice to meet you here. Things develop well at the moment and I am sure that MySpace is a place, where I will go to in near future.

By the way: I like your homepage.

Best wishes


space_nerd said...

Is nice to see all this analog equipment, still used in 1988, as in the late 80's, analog was considered as old and useless technology.
By the way, Tim Blake is one of my favourite synthesists. I wish the best of luck to him....
Nice photo:)

space_nerd said...

I have this question also:
does that modular rack behind you,
that with the controllers (between the Moog 15 and the Roland 100 modular) belonged to Christopher Franke?

Bernd Kistenmacher said...

Dear (?) space_nerd,

you are are true fan of Tangerine Dream! Yes, the Moog 15 as well as the "Projekt-Elektronik" modular system were lent by Christoph Franke. As you maybe know, the big TD-Studio was located in Berlin-Spandau (it was an old cinema rebuilt into a studio). Also Christoph lived there. We had a good contact in those days and he was so kind to help me with some equipment when I told him about my first concert in France. Later I was really hot to buy the Moog from him but when he decided to leave TD as well as Europe, he took this beautiful synthesizer with (what I can really understand). Its a pity but since he lives in Hollywood I lost the contact to him. Maybe I meet him again one day and I can ask him, if he still has the Moog...;-)