Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ruecksturz - one of my favorite tracks from my first album "Head-Visions" - can now be listened at this blog (please use the "currently played" page element) and - of course - in full length!

Just press the little "Play"-button, turn your speakers on and enjoy another journey into past.




Anonymous said...

Hi Bernd !
Hi all E.M folks !

What a pleasure to see that stuffs are running cool for you Bernd.
Happy to imagine you behind your synths. Happy that music will continue to swallow us in a deep warm sensation.
SO HAPPY to see you both Harald and you on this nice photo !
Could one of these day an album exist ??? what a dream indeed.
Happy to see you beside Robert Schroeder (and his nice hat) as well !
Thinks moves fast now Bernd !
For our biggest pleasure.
Now plugg it , swich it on and...

Your friends from France are behind me to send tons of kisses !

(I founded a new pseudo that sounds great !)

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I did send my message in anonymous as I don't know how to use the blogger identity and password...
I'll found out how it works on day...dont worry.