Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello friends,

since yesterday, you can also watch to some of my older videos on my new YouTube page.

Actually you can find there 2 videos made in 1991 und 1994, which were part of the "M.I. Rainbow Collection " CD/CD-ROM set. The first one shows some minutes of a concert, which I had given with Harald Grosskopf (drums) in the cologne "Stadtgarten" venue. The second video was made 3 years later in german town "Bocholt".
Both were made by Franz-Wilhelm Huendchen, a good friend of mine. Thank you for your help!

Also the "Octopus-Experience" article for german "Synthesizer-Magazin"is in progress and ready soon. I will meet the guys from the mag on saturday in Bielefeld during the "Electronic-Circus" festival.

See you there...

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