Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back on stage

Hello my friends,

after two months, I return to you to give you some informations, which I was waiting for so long.

Finally after 9 years, I will return on stage.
And the absolutely best place for this event is Paris.

My friends of french association „Cosmiccagibi“, Oliviér et Marie Bégué, Michel LeStum and Christian Piednoir, worked very hard to find the right place for this event. And they did it.

It will happen at the famous concert hall „La Boule Noir“ in Pigalle.
So, saturday october 24th, 2009 will be the day you should remember.

You will find more details and updates here:

„Celestial Movements Live“ in Paris!

I Hope to see you there.


Bernd Kistenmacher


I have just got the info, that the concert will be supported by Christoph Harbonnier (LightWave) Bruno Begani et Paul Kovacevic.
I feel honoured!


Christian Piednoir said...

Very good news Bernd. I am very pleased that you can come and play in Paris. I will be there with my cameras!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Dear Bernd !
It's us who are proud to have in our nice Paris center. In the middle of Pigalle incredible sparkling movements (instead of celestials ones)A sound will appear at La Boule Noire!

Happy to have all that work for your pleasure and finaly oour aown pleasure when we will sat and listen.
Bravo and now go back working on the album you lazy guy !!!
Yours devoted,
Olivier "Cosmiccagibi member"