Friday, February 5, 2010

Musikmesse 2010

So it is time again to speak about the upcoming "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt (Germany).

This year german "Synthesizer Magazin" presents a lot of activities around the big world of synthesizers and electronic music production. For example they will do workshops for production of techno music as well as for new, modern synthesizers.

In addition, "Synthesizer Magazin" will present musicians on a little stage that can report on their activities and their working practices in the studio, but also will perform their current music. This is the place where you can find me - if you like - on friday 26th and saturday 27th of march. I will play some tunes from "Celestial Movements" and some new tracks from my next album too.

Also my colleague Stefan Erbe will perform there.

Details can be found here (click for a bigger size):

The "Musikmesse" will be held from march 24th to 27th in? yes Frankfurt.

So I am happy to meet you there..

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