Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beyond The Deep

After my successful entry at "MellowJet Records" with "Celestial Movements", I am pleased and happy to announce now the upcoming release of my next solo-album "Beyond The Deep".
This production does not handle with stars or space. It is a fictional musical exploration of the deep sea and our oceans. The frontcover (which is done by my friend and known artist Michel LeStum, France) shows a highly modified "black smoker", a possible source of life on earth.

After last weeks world-radiopremiere of "Ouverture" (RadioEins), the opener of this CD, I can tell you that the final mastering has been done now and that the date of release will be saturday, the 12th of june 2010. Of course the CD can be acquired at the Planetarium in Bochum. Parts of my show will contain this actual music.
For more details, please click on this "link" and go to "MellowJet Records".

Another step has been done now. Back to studio now. I have to prepare a concert...

See you!

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