Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elektro Beats and "Beyond The Deep"!

Germany's most famous radioshow for electronic music "Elektro Beats" will present on may 19th some tracks of my actual album "Celestial Movements" plus interview.
As a world-premiere, host "Olaf Zimmermann" will also play the opening track "Ouverture" from my next album "Beyond The Deep". This track was never played before!
So if you don't want to wait until "A Celestial Night" in Bochum and the release of the CD, please don't miss this show, which will be broadcasted on may 19th, 12 o'clock p.m. local time.

More informations about the show broadcasted by "RBB - Radio Eins" can be found "here". For past shows, please check the "interviews" page.

For a livestream check this "link" or "frequencies".

More informations about "Beyond The Deep" (which will be again released at "MellowJet Records"), will follow soon...

 ...with Olaf Zimmermann

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