Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beyond The Deep

The 12th of june, 2010 was a remarkable day.

I had not only a very nice concert at the sold Planetarium in Bochum. This day was also the day of the first release of my new solo album "Beyond The Deep". Had I still dealt  in "Celestial Movements" with astronomical themes, the maintheme is now the deep sea and the oceans.Inspired by a famous science fiction novel, I was concerned with the deep sea after my concerts in  Paris last year. My thoughts on this are fixed in the following preface:

On closer examination of the deep sea and the oceans, one is especially clear: we actually know very little about what is going on under the surface. Sure, we know about global mechanisms are working (do we really?). We know a (small) part of the species and slowly we begin to understand that the deep-sea habitats, so alien they may seem to us, are important for our own lifes.
However, this unlit and unfamiliar world is largely unexplored. In fact we know more about the stars that surround us, than about the world from which we all seem to come.

Sure, this prevents us humans not to exploit existing resources merciless.
This concerns not only the overfishing of the oceans or the never-ending thirst for oil. We begin to exploit the seabed of our oceans without mercy. Even the worst environmental disasters, not hinder us to identify new and profitable sources - obviously ignoring any sustainability. A sea floor, for example the manganese nodules has been combed "are" is, after only scrap value. Only a second glance shows that there also, in many thousands of meters of the water exists, life. At least before this “harvest” actions.

Where the continental plates are pushed apart by magma flows, therefore, to the ocean ridges, there are so-called "black smokers". Hydrothermal Vents, the hot 400 degrees on a spit primordial soup. Since a few years, we know, that even here is life. Whole habitats of worms, snails, and archaea.

"Beyond The Deep" is a musical fiction. A plea for the conservation of this unique and fragile world. Sometimes threatening. Sometimes enormous. And sometimes relaxing.
Who knows what kind of parties will be held at the "black smokers"?

To find out, we should not destroy and exploit. We should do research and look there to understand. The seas and their inhabitants would thank us for...

"Beyond The Deep" is now available at "MellowJet Records" webshop and at all well-sorted mailorder services.


Anonymous said...

"Celestial movements" is a very good album. But "Beyond the deep" is your best album Bernd, I like it so much, sincerely.

Recycle Or Die said...

A beautiful, captivating and evocative album! The best EN I've heard this year!