Friday, September 10, 2010

Beyond The Deep - New review

"Sonic Curiosity" - website from Matt Howarth, has published a brandnew review about "Beyond The Deep". You can read it here:

BERND KISTENMACHER: Beyond the Deep (CD on "Mellow Jet Records" )

This release from 2010 offers 61 minutes of noble electronic music.
This time, Kistenmacher turns to the oceanic depths for inspiration, producing tuneage that explores the mysteries above and below the waters.
Noble electronics and rhythms are employed to achieve music with strong character and imperial mien.
While texturals are utilized, their presence is minimal. Background layers are more often established in the form of tonal drones originating from elongated keyboard chords. The gist of the electronics are dominated by keyboards which generate a regal sound with engaging riffs running on top of moody cycles. Nimble fingers create spry riffs that sparkle with delightful zest.
Sometimes the keyboards adopt a pure piano sound that injects the songs with a vivid humanity.
While there are instances of conventional e-perc, Kistenmacher prefers to apply non-impact rhythms to introduce tempos into the songs, allowing pulsating sounds to approximate beats and lend some propulsion to the tuneage.
These compositions excellently capture an aquatic feeling, not just by including waves and seagulls in some occasions, but by establishing a dense drama that superbly evokes the murky depths. The music transports the listener into realms of dark pressure where light never reaches. Yet a certain gentility is present, alluding to a sense of awe at exposure to vistas unseen by human eyes.

More reviews can be read on his "website".
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