Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exclusive interview with Terry Hawke

Terry Hawke , host of the famous and well known bristish radio-show "Hawke Chill-Out Sessions" as well as his programme "Night Hawke",  will broadcast a recently done interview with me for "Harborough FM" on august 27th. at 11.15 pm BST (00.15 am CET).

We will talk about and listen to my recent works "Celestial Movements" and "Beyond The Deep" and I will give a little overview about upcoming releases, concerts and more.

"The Hawke Chill-Out Sessions is still acknowledged to be the only local radio station globally that plays, Space Rock, Electronic Music, Ambience and Electronica".

So please don't miss the show and click "here" to get up-to-date!

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