Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planetarium Muenster - Update

As I promised before I will give you a short update about my day in Planetarium Muenster on 31st of october.
working "under the dome" (c)oblonczyk,lwl

laser-sculptures in front of LHC full-dome image

So I had a meeting with Dr. Bjoern Voss (director of the planetarium) and his technical assistant Mr. Michael Nolte. We exchanged many ideas about the project and the concert and discussed especially a kind of "storyboard". We watched a lot of images of CERN's "LHC" (Large hadron Collider) and one is sure at the moment: full-dome projections and lasershows will take a great part of the whole thing.
After a little break, there was also a little interview session with local press, which was organized by Mrs. Fialla, which is responsible for public-relations.

So this all will be an exciting event and there are some more ideas which could become reality after the concert next year. But everything step-by-step.

I hope to welcome you in Muenster soon and if you still need some tickets, please contact the Planetarium directly or follow this  "link".

See you!

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