Thursday, March 15, 2012

Antimatter - On the radio plus interview

"Terry hawke" announces a new edition of his "Hawke Chill Out Sessions" show for upcoming saturday night /sunday morning (march 17th).
If you like to follow, here is the schedule:

    • 17. März um 22:00 bis 18. März um 08:00

  • "The Hawke Presents Yet Another Inter-Stellar 10 Hour Audionique Journey!"

    I'm ON-AIR with Donna-Jo Thornton of the 'Morning Breeze' on Saturday's around 8am PDT / 3pm GMT and Sunday's around 9am PDT / 4pm GMT

    Phone-Link Interviews:

    1. ROBERT SCHROEDER & LAMBERT RINGLAGE @ 11.15pm GMT / 00.15am CET (Sun))
    2. BERND KISTENMACHER @ 01.15am GMT (Sun) 02.15am CET (Sun)
    3. Donna-Jo Thornton of 'The Morning Breeze' @ 3.15am GMT (Sun) 7.15pm PDT (Sat)

    When On-Air:
    When Off-Air:
    Facebook Comments Page: "HAWKE-FRIENDZ"

    Saturday & Sunday March 17th /18th 2012

    GMT: 10pm Saturday to 8am Sunday
    CET: 11pm Saturday to 9am Sunday
    EDT: 6pm Saturday to 4am Sunday
    CDT: 5pm Saturday to 3am Sunday
    PDT: 3pm Saturday to 1am Sunday


    Session 1: 'Ambio-Rock Synthonique Vol 2'
    10pm to 11pm GMT / 3pm to 4pm PDT
    1. Kan'Nal: Gypsy: CD Dreamwalker
    2. Dean De Benedictus: Occur: CD Salnaging The Past
    3. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Rich Woman: CD Raising Sand
    4. Laura Mann: Your The Reason I Go On Living: CD Bowties & Tatto's
    5. Anubis: Us: CD Sibuna
    6. The Orb: High Noon: CD The Dream
    7. Porcupine Tree: Phase II: CD Voyage 34
    8. Lunar Dunes: As Below: CD From Above
    9. Ramp: Tool: CD Oughtibridge
    10. Kan'Nal: Desest Flower: CD Dreamwalker

    11pm to Midnight GMT / 4pm to 5pm PDT
    1. Robert Schroeder: Esthetique: NEW CD Esthetique
    2. Robert Schroeder: Energizer: CD (see 1.)
    3. Robert Schroeder: Neutron Swarm: CD (See 1.)
    4. Robert Schroeder: Waiting For You (excerpt): NEW CD Club Chill Vol 1
    5. Robert Schroder: I LIke It So: CD (See 4.)
    6. Hypnosphere (aka Lambert & Alien Nature: Sleepwalk: NEW CD Within The Whirl
    7. Berlin Heritage: Long Journey To Different Temples (excerpt): NEW CD Land Of The Rising Sun
    8. Jiannis & Lambert: White Light (excerpt): NEW CD Timeless Vision

    Session 3: 'Ambio-Rock Synthonique Vol 1 '
    Midnight to 1am GMT / 5pm to 6pm PDT
    1. NEW: My Cosmo Tube: aka Sacha Simnovec: Antarctica*
    2. Echopilot: Revelation Ridge: Comp CD Bioluminescence
    3. Krill.Minima: Kronen Dub: Comp CD (See 2.)
    4. Selfish: Easy Mr Palmer: Comp CD (See 2.)
    5. Dream Theatre: Anna Lee: CD Falling Into Infinity (Thanks Dorthe!)
    6. District 97: Mindscan VI: CD Hybrid Child
    7. Vakuum Sounds: A Journey After A Snake Bite: Comp CD (See 2.)
    8. Xerxes: Longyaard: Comp CD (See 2.)
    9. NEW: Moonloonies: Oort Cloud
    10. Altocirrus: The Needle

    * Can be found via 'Youtube', 'Soundcloud', 'Bandcamp'. As indeed can many of the other musician's featured during BOTH shows'.

    1am to 2am GMT / 6pm to 7pm PST / 8.15pm EST
    1. Wild Element: Sonic Space: Comp CD Syntonic Waves Vol 8
    2. Jonson: Minimalism Unfinished 2nd: CD (See 1.)
    3. Bernd Kistenmacher: They Call It Soup: NEW CD Antimatter
    4. Bernd Kistenmacher: It Doesn't Matter: CD (See 3.)
    5. Bernd Kistenmacher: Filling The Emptiness: CD (see 3.)
    6. Bernd Kistenmacher: Caverns Of Knowledge: CD (See 3.)
    7. Bernd Kistenmacher: Acceleration: CD (See 3.)
    8. Alpha Wave Movement: Another Time, Another Place: CD Drifted Into Deeper Lands
    9. Ian Boddy: Parabolic Excursions: NEW CD Strange Attractors

    Session 5: 'Ambio-Vox Synthonique Vol 1'
    2am to 3am GMT / 7pm to 8pm PDT
    1. Astralfish: Key Rings: NEW CD far Corners
    2. Klaus Schulze: High Moon (12 Uhr Nachts): Ltd Edt Bonus Track
    3. NEW: Radium88: And Then She Saw Stars: NEW CD Escaping Tomorrow
    4. NEW: Darlene Koldenhoven: Remember Me: NEW CD Solitary Treasures
    5. Sia: Don't Bring Me Down: CD Colour The Small One
    6. NEW: Dan Blanchard feat Nisha Narsai: Transformation: NEW CD Awakenings
    7. Spacecraft: The Pick Side Of Echoes: CD Cyberspace
    8. Schonwalder & Rothe: Cup 1: CD Filter-Kaffee 101
    9. Polaris: Permutations Pt 2: CD Background Stories
The interview with me will not be pre-recorded. So enjoy the show and meet me there or on Facebook at the same time.

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