Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deutsche Austrophon announces Patterns Of Light

The last month announced "Best Of.." album "Patterns Of Light" is out now. As told, it is released on "IC Digit - Innovative Communication" and contains the previously unreleased new track "Autumn Leaves", which will also be presented in the next "Electro Beats" show (see last post). The CD can be obtained in several online- shops but also directly on the website from "DA Musik - Deutsche Austrophon".

Here is the final tracklisting:

01. The Beginning (Bernd Kistenmacher) 4:14
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

02. In Face Of Saturn (Bernd Kistenmacher) 8:49
From the album “Celestial Movements”, 2009, published by Mellowjet Records

03. The End Of The Record (Bernd Kistenmacher) 12:59
From the album “Contrasts Vol I”, 1998, published by MIRecords

04. A Hand Softly Touching You (Bernd Kistenmacher) 11:47
From the album: “Outlines”, 1991, published by MIRecords

05. The Memorial (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:58
2011, published by MIRecords

06. On The Shoulders Of ATLAS (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:05
From the album “Antimatter”, 2012, published by Mellowjet Records

07. Lost City (Bernd Kistenmacher) 14:01
From the album “Beyond The Deep”, 2011, published by Mellowjet Records

08. Autumn Leaves (Bernd Kistenmacher) 6:24
2012, published by MIRecords

For details, please follow this "link".

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