Friday, May 30, 2014

Voyager presents "Berlin Special"

"Voyager", one of the last shows for electronic and meditative music on public radio in Germany will come to an end soon. Host Robert Lug will go into his will deserved retirement. So the things will come to an end very soon. But not without a "Berlin Special", which will be braodcast on sunday.
For you this is anotehr chance to listen to some tracks of UTOPIA.

The show will be broadcast on sunday, june first on 11.05 p.m. local time. Please check this "link" for details and livestream.

Anyway, thank you very much to Robert for your good work, support and friendship. Have a good time.

Please find the complete playlist:

Berlin Special 
(Sunday 1.6.2014)

1) Voyager Intro (0’40)

2) zus. 8’
CD: Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich: Analog Overdose 5
Manikin Records (da music) [LC05804] MRCD 7100 (
004: Wannsee (5’09)
005: West-Tangente (-2’51

3) zus. 14’15
CD: Bernd Kistenmacher: Utopia
Groove Unlimited [o. LC-Angabe] GR-202
001: We Need A New Utopia (-3’20)
003: Born From Chaos (10’55)

4) -5’15
CD: Bertrand Loreau: Spiral Lights
Spheric Music [LC 06036] SMCD 6302 (
002: Arc en Ciel

5) 2’27
CD: Conrad Schnitzler: Congratulacion [orig. 1987]
Bureau B (Indigo) [LC 04435] BB163 (
002: 20.8.86

6) -4’
CD: Schneider TM: Guitar Sounds
Bureau B (Indigo) [LC 13875] BB145 (,
002: Teilhard

7) 7’13
CD: Automat
Bureau B (Indigo) [LC 13875] BB161 (
007: GWW

8) -7’
CD: Michael Brückner: Naura
Klangwirkstoff Records [LC 16011] KWDIGI 003 (
001: Rinkula

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