Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is time for a new upload. Outlines!

We have the year 1990. " late summer 1990, an East German artist had asked me to compose music for a theatrical piece he had written. He called it "Niemandsland" ( "no-man's land"), an examination of problems relating to the Berlin Wall, East German history, and east-west conflicts. These weighty topics really did not interest anyone anymore, and consequently it flopped on opening night. My music, appropriately gloomy, was well-received, however. Selections appeared on my CD "Outlines" in 1991. "
That is a short excerb of my biography, which I wrote in 1996, when I started the preparations for my CD-ROM multimedia project "The M.I. Rainbow Collection".

Indeed after all euphoria in 1989, when the Berlin wall came down, the situation in our country became more realistic or sometimes more frustrating(?). Not all people, neither in East Germany nor in West Germany, where satisfied with the new situation.
So art was one way (eventually the best way?) to explain this problems and questions. But in that time, nobody wanted to hear too much about all this.

You can now listen to all four tracks of
Outlines in full length at Last.FM.

Enjoy it and don't become too much depressed ;-)

See you soon!


Espector said...

Hi Bernd!!Thanks for givin the chance to listen Outlines. 2 years ago i'd came across with "Head-Visions", and it really took me far away (I guess it was an used copy, because it's really impossible to get this kind of records in my country). I'm writing from Buenos Aires - Argentina, very far from Berlin, the Wall, the Iron Curtain; but hard times are rather similar to many people down here. Your music, as well as KS or TD, is a wonderful inspiration and helps me to keep on going. I find true peace listenin, and it gives me the chance to get into it and understand certain things and thoughts. An amazing feeling to survive and not be depressed!!!
Hope you read this,
Thanks for the wonderful moments!!!!
Martín Espejo, Bs.As-Argentina

Bernd Kistenmacher said...

Dear Martín,
many thanks for your kind words and -of course - many greetings from far Berlin. To be honest: I am still astonished (again and again) what modern techniques are making possible. You are living in Argentina and listen to my music. Isn't it wonderful? Beside all evil things which happens at all places of our planet, this is really a beautiful moment. The world becomes smaller in a positive and peaceful way.
I can't look into the future, but I hope I can bring other wonderful moments to you with my other releases and maybe a new one soon...
Keep up the power to solve all problems which life brings to you.
Best wishes Bernd

Espector said...

Hi Bernd!!
I'm sorry it's me again. I feel very happy you took a moment to answer.
I will keep these words with me!!
Of course these things are the best of our world - Music above all. Having a contact with the artist is really nice for a far away fan. From this moment I'm no more anonymous. That's amazin, and unexpected a couple of years ago.
Many thanks for posting your music on Last.FM. I'm discoverin your other releases!!!
Hope you keep on well with your new music and released it soon!!!
A warm and peaceful hug from the green-grass sea of the Pampas, where the Cóndor rises, the Ñandú runs, and a little fellow finds peace with your music!!!
Again thank you,
Martín Espejo, Bs.As-Argentina

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