Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A visit to SchneidersBuero!

Many friends of electronic music are not only interested in the artists of this music genre, but also interested in the instruments required for this music.
The latest trend (in addition to the transmission of famous analogue hardware synthesizers into the software level) is certainly the connection of modern sound generation combined with from analogue synthesizers known user-friendly interface design. In short, compact synthesizer (also modular) with many knobs and switches to direct influence and control of the generated sounds.

In recent years, many small but ambitious companies began with the implementation of new synthesizer concepts. So today there are many new and interesting "machines" available.

If you are interested in this - and also incidentally want to visit a great city – don't hesitate to travel to Berlin and visit SchneidersBuero.

...with Andreas Schneider and Octopus

Andreas Schneider - the CEO of this company - has his showroom at Alexander Str. no. 7 (at Alexanderplatz) in the centre of Berlin (Mitte). He is constantly prepared to show you the latest synthesizers away from any mainstream. All instruments can be extensively tested and gladly Mr. Schneider takes also personally the time to demonstrate full of enthusiasm "his" instrument park.

„stecken, schrauben, spielen“ by Andreas Schneider

A visit there is all worth, but all who have no time or opportunity to do so, should obtain a little book that Mr. Schneider personally has written.
"stecken, schrauben, spielen" is a handbook that contains both, a historical overview of SchneidersBuero itself and gives also an overview over the synthesizers of today and its makers. Highly recommended!


Sylvain (from Brittany) said...

Hi Bernd!

Very well, but your new album? I recall that you are expected for years. a small news would not be too!

You have already used the Arturia's products "Moog Modular V", "Minimoog V" ...


Bernd Kistenmacher said...

Dear Sylvain,

many thanks for watching this blog. As you can see, the things are in progress.
I am sure that I can let you know news about a new release still this year.
Please keep in touch.