Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wake Up In The Sun

To all my fans from Greece (and of course to all of you from around the world):

Thank you for looking and asking so intensively for my second Album "Wake Up In The Sun" at the Tangerine Dream Forum . Yes, "Cassandra's Dance" was my answer to the classics from Tangerine Dream and Michael Hoenig and - of course - it was my intention to follow and develope the basic ideas of the "Berliner Schule" style.
Indeed this term does not come from me. It was invented in connection with the "Beat Studio", which was founded and directed by swiss composer Thomas Kessler in Berlin in1969.

Please read more about this in the englisch or german Wiki.

One info for the tech freaks: all sequences you can listen on this album where realised with the famous ARP Sequencer; a machine, which I really loved. The music was recorded on a Tascam 8-track machine.

You can still listen to the music at Last.FM .


space_nerd said...

Dear Sir,
I'm the man who researched the "Cassandra's Dance".
I'm really happy I found the answer to this mystery, as I had that small segment in tape for 20 years!
So thanks for your response,
and sure I didn't wanted to offend you or make you feel bad, by saying that it's like Tangerine Dream.
After all, "Cassandra's Dance" made me loving Tangerine Dream, many years later, but back then, I didn't knew that!:)
The only thing I can say is that every time I connect to the 'net,
I put my headphones anad I listen to this masterpiece, again and again.
God bless you

Bernd Kistenmacher said...

It was an honour for me to have helped you.
My greetings to you and your beautiful country.
I hope to visit Greece one day again.