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Live & Studio Tapes '92

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We have already mid-June and I had almost forgotten to upload the next album at Last.FM.

Live & Studio Tapes '92

In January 1992 I received a visit from two elderly, very friendly Belgian gentlemen: Flor Berckenbosch, a well-known radio presenter, and Jef Dupain, co-organizer of the "Festival van Vlaanderen", the Flander's Music Festival.
This renowned festival concentrated on classical and "new" serious music. My invitation represented a first step of this festival in the direction of electronic music. Berckenbosch and Dupain came to Berlin to discuss details, and my appearance was slated for June. For me it was a big chance, and I was quite happy.

The Festival in Flanders was being organized on a grand scale. I rented a P.A. and drove to Belgium in a large truck, accompanied by my wife, Erik (a friend) and Uwe Rogge, a fantastic guy, able to solve every technical problem. Uwe then worked for REVUE Berlin sound company, but I had known him previously from Sound & Drumland music shop in Berlin.

Belgium was fantastic. Beautiful summer weather greeted us upon our arrival in the small town of Tongeren. I was scheduled to play in a basilica, but was then relocated to an old theater, as the church was closed for reconstruction. The theater was quite old and musty, but that gave it a special charm. I would gladly play there again. The mood was good, and although I had a couple of technical problems, the concert went wonderfully.

I still remember a moment where I now laugh about when I think at that, but at this time I rather started to sweat. The stage floor of the theater was plenty unstable. The old floorboards were quite week and the whole area moved if something dynamic happened. That bothered me not really.
However, during the concert the bass frequencies of my monitor speakers where so intense that they removed a MIDI cable from my drum module, which was mounted in the huge rack that I had built up behind me. Suddenly the drums where off and I had a few “hot” minutes of pure improvisation to cope until I noticed what's going to be. Experiences you will never forget!

Nevertheless I will always be grateful to Jef Dupain and Flor Berkenbosch for the invitation.

Music from both - the "Festival van Vlaanderen" and another festival where I participated this year (the "Wellwnformen Festival") - appeared on my fifth solo CD entitled
Live and Studio Tapes '92.

Again, please enjoy it on

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