Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dresden - august 1989

Today I will look some years back again to the year 1989.

Here are some comments written by myself for "The M.I.Rainbow Collection Vol.I":

".. in the following months Olaf Zimmermann (famous radio moderator) played my music on his radio show "Electronics" with increasing frequency. The series was accompanied by periodic "Electronics Live" festivals. Planning for the third one was underway; this time it was to be really big. Sponsored jointly by radio station DT 64 and the "Interessengemeinschaft Elektronische Musik - IGEM" ("Interest Group for Electronic Music"), it took place on the “Junge Garde" open-air stage in Dresden in East Germany. Of the four acts invited, two were the well-known East German groups Pond and Servi, and two were from West Germany, the main act Klaus Schulze and myself.

Sales and publicity were launched months in advance, and it was soon clear that the show would be a hit. In addition to the East German fans, many fans from Belgium, the Netherlands, and West Germany attended. Ultimately all 6800 seats of the Junge Garde were filled.

At this time such a festival in East Germany was somewhat of an adventure; still we had to admit that it was perfectly organized.

Finally the day arrived. I was accompanied by my current wife (eagerly taking photographs of the proceedings) and Mario Schoenwaelder. The border crossing into East Germany, the "German Democratic Republic", went very smoothly, particularly after the border guard checked things out over the telephone. The hotel and the reception were just perfect, only the weather was a bit recalcitrant: cool and cloudy.

I got to know Klaus Schulze personally for the first time. We had occasionally talked on the telephone, but the first personal contact was in Dresden. He turned out to be a very likable fellow, and we had a lot of fun.

...with Klaus Schulze photographed at the moment, where we looked into the same direction...

Set-up began early Saturday. The stage was gigantic, and we had plenty of room to spread out, which was useful considering the amount of equipment we had. Interviews were held after the rehearsals. I felt grateful and quite nervous, for I had never played before so many people. Klaus also seemed excited, as this was his first major performance in several years.

However, everything went perfectly. The audience was enthusiastic and the mood was fabulous. It was a one-of-a-kind experience.
In the evenings we sat in the hotel restaurant, talking and having fun. It was difficult to say goodbye..."

Please let me also add, that the situation had been of more historic importance, as we really could guess, but only a few months later, in november 1989, the Berlin Wall came down ...

Its time for "showdown"

The music of "Dresden 08/89" can now be listened at Last.Fm .

© Frits Couwenberg
© Sabine Kistenmacher


Michel said...

Hello Bernd,
It's good to read all these stories, for sure it is.
But, please, write about the music you play now, the creation your are in, the wishes you have and want to share, show pictures of your new studio... Nostalgia ? no time ! Your life today is really what I'm interested by, and I know many fans who are too.
With deep respect and affection,

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Bernd,

Soon you'll have some more Comment !
Your interveiw is online, On my side I will warn the readers about. It Things have to move. You deserve it !
Thanks for this past travel it's very important for all of uq to remind all those time. Thanks for the nice picture of Fritz and Sabine.
Keep on goin' man !


Anonymous said...

I use the choice anonymous as I dont remember may user name, have to fit it again !