Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Electronic Goes Benefit


we have the year 2009. The International Year Of Astronomy. So it is not too far away to think about electronic music live performed under stars - real or artificial.
I did this too. 20 years ago. Of course I was not the first one. Many famous collegues had given concerts in planetariums many years before.
My concert happened in Berlin at the former West-Berlin "Planetarium am Munsterdamm".
In those days (and also in my childhood), I was very interested in astronomy and space science (as well as in space music and so on). Then in 1988 the main building of the planetarium was particular destroyed by a fire. I had the idea to collect some money for the planetarium and so "Electronic Music Goes Benefit" was born. Mario Schoenwaelder and I organized the event and we performed in january 1989 three shows on two evenings. One show was recorded and later broadcasted by "SFB - Sender Freies Berlin" radio station.

My part was the approx. 60 minutes long "Ferne Ziele". A shortened studio version was later released on my solo album "Kaleidoscope".
Some info for collectors: the long and original version "Ferne Ziele 1989" is part of my album "Electronic Goes Benefit". This CD was and still is as single CD as well available as part of the "My little universe" CD-Box (released 1999).

From now on, you can listen to the full track on Last.FM.

Enjoy my music through time and space...

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