Friday, March 13, 2009

Celestial Movements - Update

Finally the next step has been done.
Bernd Scholl of "
MellowJet Records" has finished his work and we are proud to present you the "face" of my new CD "Celestial Movements".

The artwork contents a picture of Mr. Michael Stauffenberg, who has photographed the new "horizon observatory" based on the "Halde Hoheward", near by german city of Recklinghausen (Ruhrgebiet). This observatory is designed as a modern version of Stonehenge.

The "Halde Hoheward" is a 150 meter high artificial mountain, built from dump of a former colliery which has been restored and concepted as a remarkable landmark. This area can now be used for several leisure activities as well as for astronomical activities too. For further details please also check "Initia Horae", the private initiative for horizon astronomy.

Finally the music of "Celestial Movements" will fit perfect to the image and the imagination of this beautiful technical sculpture and of course it will fit to the "International Year Of Astronomy 2009" too.

At least the cover is ready now. The music is in progress. You see, the things are developing.

Busy again now...

1 comment:

Michel said...

Hello Bernd !
How can I say "WHAOUH !" in german ?
The cover is splendid. The music will be too !
Waiting is so long...

With Love