Thursday, March 26, 2009

Schallwelle - Preis

In continuation of the once by Winfrid Trenkler initiated “Schwingungen-Wahl" (as part of its WDR radio broadcast "Schwingungen") the “Schallwende Verein” (association of Sylvia and Klaus-Ulrich Sommerfeld) came up together with musician "Stefan Erbe" to revive the idea of creation of a new prize for the best artists in the field of electronic music. This idea was supported by many
sponsors who have a strong connection to electron
ic music (record companies, factories, media etc.).

In recent months, the fans had the opportunity to elect on the Internet their newcomer or their artist of the year. In addition, a special prize was awarded. And of course, it went to the man of the first hour itself: Winfrid Trenkler.

To make things short: the event was a full success. Not only because the event had already been sold out many weeks ago and not only because it was a meeting of the “who-is-who” of the genre of e.m. It was mainly a success, because it was so perfect organized. The premises, the program with music by "Klangwelt”, "Maxxess" and by "Lost In Loops”, the moderation of Sylvia Sommerfeld and Stefan Erbe: everything was perfect. The guests were in a good mood, and there were many opportunities to meet colleagues after many years again. My reunion with Winfrid Trenkler was very warm and we have promised to us to meet again in Berlin. I look forward to it.

...with Winfrid Trenkler

So here are the winners of the elections:

Best CD 2008
David Wright - Dreams and Distant Moonlight

Best Artist 2008

Best CD Listeners Choice 2008
F.D. Project - Heavens Gate

Best Artist 2008 Listeners Choice
Tangerine Dream

Best newcomer
Ambient Circle

Special award
Winfrid Trenkler

Once again congratulations from me to the winners.

Yes, and then there were the speeches, which were held in honour of the award winners. My personal highlight, and certainly the highlight of the evening was the laudatio by Harald Grosskopf, who had the honour to speek for Winfrid Trenkler. They know each other since many decades. This was a special moment and you could see how
deeply touched Winfrid Trenkler has been.

...holding a speech

I hold the laudatio for the artist of the year 2008 - Wolfram Spyra - and gave some personal advices about the pitfalls of the music business which I know. I believe the audience was amused.
The original speeches are now ONLINE to read on the website of the “Schallwelle – Preis”. However, it will only be in german language.

Overall it was a great event and I am sure that in the next year everyone will be upset, which can or will not be able to participate.

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