Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Planetarium Muenster - Update no. 2

10 days left until 14th of january 2012! After we have put some final grip on "Antimatter", we will not only have a nice concert in "Planetarium Muenster", we will also have the "world premiere" of my new solo-album.
But there will be more on this unique day:
Visitors and guests can enjoy some presentations in the Planetarium's foyer. "Roland" will install a nice "Synthesizer-Island" to present their latest synthesizers, "Synthesizer-Magazin" will show a brandnew analogue modular-system and last but no least "MellowJet Records" will be also there with a big stand to present their full CD-programme.

For all of you who will need a little break or refreshment: you can visit the "Café Landois" which is inside of the house and all of you, who will travel by car: there is a big parking-area in front of the Planetarium. You can find some travel informations "here"

Since we seem to get no winter(!) this year, the chances are good travelling-conditions. Some "tickets" are still available and you can buy or reserve them directly "here". So make your plans for a nice weekend in Muenster with a great concert-evening now!

See you!

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